Monday, October 26, 2009

prints for modeling portfolio & mailing modeling agencies question answered here

A girl on facebook recently asked me "where do you get prints for your portfolio printed. Also what are you thoughts on applying to agencies not in your area. I am from seattle but am considering sending my compcard to portland, should I even bother sending to print agencies located in La or new york? How does that work?"

My reply:
I use often they are affordable and great for 9" X 11" portfolio prints. I use them ALL the time and in my memoir Almost 5’4” I mentioned discovering them.

As for agencies, I would only submit to agencies in cities that you are able to get to quickly. The reason: In modeling castings are last minute and often even THAT Day and you have to be available asap. It is better when starting to pursue modeling work to do so with an agency near where you live. Also I suggest with your comp card researching out to aspiring brands, aspiring companies, and here is more info on marketing yourself in a smaller city to get a portfolio, which can lead you to bigger jobs and bigger opportunities.

Modeling for me and many is a growth, is a process, it doesn’t happen over night. And in today’s world there is no discovery, it is about discovering yourself, it is about building your self and goals, and it takes time, effort, and dedication, along with being realistic and ambitious at the same time.

It is always better to do one amazing modeling job with a great brand (or aspiring brand, jewelry, handbag, hair salon, etc) that will lead to other opportunities than a bunch of corny, tasteless, amateur modeling jobs. So aim high as well. I hope this helps and the link I have enclosed,

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