Wednesday, October 7, 2009

petite modeling agencies don't exist try print modeling

A girl on facebook asked me about petite modeling: hey isobella, i'm becoming interested in the fashion industry and modeling world... are there any great petite modeling agencies you'd reccommend? where did you get started?

My reply:

instead of petite modeling focus on print modeling, shorter models can find opportunities working with print modeling agencies, the main things you need are a great headshot, a great full body shot showing your personality and smile, print agencies want to see more personality than a fashion agency would. You want to show you are on top of it and ... Read Morehave a compcard and mail it to the print agencies in the postal mail. Modeling as a shorter girl ALOT of work, there is no short cut, and it is pure hard work, but it is possible to find modeling jobs and work with an agency and self promotion is a major skill models need these days too. I can't suggest petite modeling agencies because most agencies do not have petite divisions, but print modeling, commercial print modeling, talent agencies are best to submit to through postal mail. P.s Don't ever pay to be on an agency website, and here are tips on skipping scams:

I got started by realizing the power of myself and being a self promoter, not being afraid to try, thinking about what my assets were, what I had that the modeling and advertising and editorial, and business of images and marketing could use, even skipping the middle man sometimes and approaching magazine editors, working with better photographers, trying to art direct my own shoots, trying to get my own work published, I really worked very hard. It is not a short cut thing at all, it takes time, years, opportunities only happy through pure work in modeling as a shorter girl.

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