Thursday, October 8, 2009

Overcoming a complicated photo shoot (BuddyTV ANTM)

I am writing recaps of ANTM on see below for my weekly post, and I am also sharing modeling tips from a petite perspective on BuddyTV, here are some tips on how to overcome a complicated photo shoot, like the one this week with the Cirque du Soleil themed photo shoot.

A Cirque du Soleil themed photo shoot could make a creative, artistic, colorful, and energetic result, but that didn't happen last night on America's Next Top Model. The cycle 13 mini-models had hair that was bigger than they are, eyes darker than the devil, and the glitz was translated as an impression of a half-naked actress in the musical Chicago or Rent, slinking on stripper poles. Flying to Vegas didn't end up being exciting after all.

Find out how to "Melt into the atmosphere to create a better shot."
And why no matter your size "Making the most of the space" is important.
Along with why keeping your "Chin up, but not that up!" can make the difference.

How to overcome a tough photo shoot tips here:

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