Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nudity could be the next big thing for fashion eh?

A girl wrote on my Facebook Wall saying:
Hey Isobella- The other day you posted about nudity in fashion ads, and I came across this article in the Daily Mail last night I thought you might find interesting.

My wall-comment-reply:
Nudity could be the next big thing, but only if it is done in good taste. However nudity, just being nude for the sake of teasing the camera is not my favor. The article and the Vanity Fair cover I think is a style of nudity that is beautiful, Demi is loving herself and baby. When the female is nude and natural, especially black and white nudes, I love it. Is it marketable to modeling agencies? Well, only if it is done is good taste, has an editorial feet, and "parts modeling" involves the body and that is an area for petite's to pursue. Many girls take nudity to mean Playboy only, but nudity can be more than for a males interests. When the nude image is more about the male viewer's enticement than the female posing's happiness and content, I roll my eyes. My favorite type of nudity in magazines: I think fashion nudes are hot, hot, hot!

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