Saturday, October 3, 2009

My nude modeling thoughts

I received a comment on my facebook page in response to a video I created based on making and creating beauty shots, the comment read: I like the variety. I really like how you model the products because some people just model nude with no point. It makes you think "what the hell is this ad for?"

Many product ads for skincare, and beauty products have involved nudity, or a girls bare shoulder, and it made me think about nudity and what being nude can mean for a model.

I share some comments here, on how nudity can be a beautiful thing and why I like it and when I don't.

However, I need to stress that if a model wants to work with a print modeling agency see does NOT want to show Glamour Modeling photos, it is a turn off to agents, a shot that looks more editorial, and commercial, even if it is your body is better. So if you want to use your body to model with brands and for products, think skincare, jewelry, and an ad for a shaving company or body wash.

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