Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Model Life" book party casting and ANTM cycle 13 recap

TONIGHT, 10:30pm EST. Isobella announces her book party for her fashion illustrated graphic novel "Model Life" on November 12th in SoHo NYC. She is casting 5 petite models for a shoe modeling photo-shoot at her book signing. She also chimes in on ANTM cycle 13 and the girls using their interview skills and how public speaking can actually help your modeling pursuits. Tonight on ANTM the itty-bitty models are challenged to put their interviewing skills to use as they sit in with "90210's" Jessica Lowndes on the set of "The Insider." Isobella also shares a bit about her advertising and marketing background in response to the models writing their own scripts for their CoverGirl commercials this week. Kim Kardashian is this week's guest judge.

Tune in here at 10:30pm after ANTM cycle 13 tonight:

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