Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Model Fashion: Vogue November issue- caught my eye

Flipping through the November issue of Vogue and I like the pages on innovative models designing cool stuff.

Natalia Vodianova not only wears fashion she creates it. As a guest designer for Lutz & Patmos, she has created a two in one dress. It is a two way dress that goes from having a large collar to then being pulled down past under the arm pit and then the sleeves tuck to become deep pockets and now you are wearing a sleek strapless dress. Pretty neat. I do dig this, alot~
And $50 of each purchase is donated to THE NAKED HEART FOUNDATION, which was founded by Natalia.

Also Alex Wek has her own handbags through her company WEK 1933 by Alex Wek. (check out her sale) Well, my lucky number is 33, but that's not the only reason I dig what this model is doing, the vibrant colors are full of personality but also the handbags flip from a mid-size shoulder bag to a maxi satchel! Pretty awesome huh!

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