Monday, October 19, 2009

The Internet age and Modeling Agencies, what's legit, what's crap?

Many agencies, even very legit ones, that have been around for years are turning into web marketing for their models. I don't approve of it. I haven't paid to be on a modeling agencies website, and I don't suggest aspiring models do this either. Make the agent work, they have a purpose, get a compcard, and give it to them, and say Please use this to market me. You working with the agency shouldn't be based on whether you pay to be on their website. It is very hard to tell the difference between a professional agency and a legit one, especially in the Internet age- here is a tip: If the agency asks you to pay to be on the agencies website, or else you can't work with them... it is a scam! A waste. The internet or a website doesn't replace the modeling agent. An agent as a purpose right? Yes!

Some agencies I have worked with, who have been around for a while, and who are professional in means of they pay you, and send you on legit castings, have launched more savvy websites in hopes of getting money from their models to be on the website. It is a scam. Paying to be on an agencies website is not professional. A professional agencies will not charge you to represent or market you as a model.

Models go through enough shit, aspiring models have to get photos, make comp cards, art direct, and they shouldn't also have to pay to be on the agencies website. It is really sad when that happens. Skip it and move on, there is professionalism out there. Seek it, aim higher, and you will find it.

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