Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm engaged! Love, Laughs and fashion this weekend

I woke up yesterday and had no idea I would be ENGAGED!! by the end of the day!! OMG!! I am engaged!! It happened Friday, November 23rd, at Carmines our favorite italian spot by the Seaport. And my bf got down on one knee. OMG! I love vintage and a marquise diamond shape and the ring is beyond beauty, I am non-stop staring at my hand!

Also this weekend I went to see Brian Posehn at the Comix comedy club. He was great! Then I saw The September Issue film, quite good! Creativing director Grace Coddington was great and an asset to the film, I loved it when she said "do not fall alseep in the car and to keep your eyes open for inspiration is everywhere. Anna was memorable and I'd see it again! I will have more of a review on The September issue and Coco Before Chanel next week.

I threw in some history, and saw the Magna Carta at the Fraunces Tavern Museum.

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