Friday, October 23, 2009

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: showroom modeling tips

I was watching The View this morning and listening to Elisabeth Hasselbeck talk about her fab collection for Dialogue, being sold on QVC, however I couldn’t help but notice how the models were not noticing what she was saying while she presented items from her line.

It is important to listen to the person who is talking about the garment, shoe, etc that you are wearing. When Elizabeth mentioned the back of the coat, the model should have turned around and showed the back, but she did not. As a viewer this would have been nice to see.

Now perhaps the models were just told to pose straight on towards the audience and sway back and forht a little but, I thought they should have listened to her more.

Often when modeling clothing or shoes in a showroom situation, it is best to listen to the person who is presenting the garment or item you are wearing. You will come off as a better model and the designer, and buyer will appreciate it.

So a tip when doing showroom modeling is always listen to the designer and also listen to the buyer and what they are talking about and interested in seeing. The side of the bag, the inside, the side of the shoe, the back of a dress

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