Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do you have to put photographer credit on your compcard

A girl on Facebook asked me: When making your comp cards do we Put pictures with the photographers name or logo on them ? or just a clean pics?

My thoughts:

Sometimes too much text all over your card can make it look cluttered. You do not have to put photographer credit on each photo. It is not being rude to not put it, simply too many names all over your compcard can look very busy, when the focus of your compcard is suppose to be you. If you want to do it, do it, but don't feel you must. It is a kind gesture to give credit on your compcard of the photographers who took the photos, and if there is a certain photographers name you want to mention on the side of the photo you can, --but you do not have to do it.

Clean pics always look good.

Other compcard tips: Did you know do not have to put 4 photos on the back of your compcard? There is not a rule to follow when it comes to laying out your compcard and how to arrange photos, but just keep this in mind:

1. You don't want to over clutter your compcard with a collage on the back, you want it blunt and simple, shots that show the best of you. Even if it is just 2 photos on the back or one, it is better to show the best of you than just..ok..photos.

2. While you put the card together and think of what photos to use, think about the modeling jobs you want, and target your compcard in that direction, do you want to model for beauty, for skincare, for handbags, jeans, shoes, etc...

3. Your compcard is meant to show a potenical client that will hire you and agency that you CAN model, so be sure to be realistic, especially if you are petite, don't show too many "fashion" styled shots, keep it simple, print modeling is the area for shorter girls to pursue, and include at least one smile shot on the card.

4. Use a professional printing service. Printing through an amatuer website can lead to trouble, and also a professional service will give you the quality that will make you appear more professional to a modeling agency. You want to remember that what you show on your compcard represents the type of model you are and can be. So aim for quality, don't print at home, only go through a professional service. I use www.compcard.com often. More options are also to the right side of this blog.

5. You do not need to have your photo, email, or web links on hte card. Don't do that. Just your name and stats are on your compcard. Here is why: http://petitemodelingtips.blogspot.com/2009/07/making-modeling-comp-card-phone-number.html

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