Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cottonelle and beauty come together-at last!

I have been waiting for a toliet paper brand to come forward and be a part of the beauty world. I use face towels to clean my face, but often when I touch up my makeup, or clean up my face, I am grabbing a few squares of toliet paper to get the job done.

Cottonelle came forward in an ad in the current Elle magazine promoting red carpet beauty. With beauty tips about moisturizing and the ad also gave some some makeup tips. Along with plugging their very own flushable moist wipes and Aloe toliet paper. Now, first and foremost I suggest using a facial towel that can be washed in laundry and used again, before wasting squares but I thought the Cottonelle ad was on point! With my advertising and marketing background I thought it was very smart of the brand to come forward in a fashion forward and beauty way.

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