Friday, October 23, 2009

Child modeling scams

A received a comment on my blog about child model scams, and a way to know if you are being scammed is if you are paying the agency a lot of money for photography or fees to be on the agency website or be represented. You NEVER pay to be represented by an agency.

However, you do have to be prepared to be savvy and smart with having a professional photographer that you find take photos of your child. You can make your own modeling compcard and your child can freelance with talent or modeling agencies, but I would be first and foremost the best judgement of your child's modeling.

To avoid scams, don't pay the agency. If an agency charges you to represent you it is a scam.

Over the years I have had to art direct, print, create, and manage my own photos, but I also work with modeling agencies that DO NOT charge me, agencies that ARE not scams. Agencies that take the compcard I give them and the photos I have created, and market the photos to their clients. Without charge. You do have to be prepared for the work of getting photos made, and marketing materials, but do this outside the agency. Don't expect the agency will "handle everything" or "hand you anything"....and I would be very careful to avoid paying an agency to represent your child. It is a scam.

An agency can give you tips about the type of photos they want you to send in or have but you should NEVER pay an agency to represent you or your child.

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