Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bye-bye perfect.

The word perfection is friends with the word model but I think perfection is fading out. The other day I shooting some shoes and it wasn’t about making the shoes look totally perfect, it was about the atmosphere the shoes were in, and telling a story through it. The day in the life of shoe at a rock concert sort of thing. Other times I have been modeling for a food magazine, hand modeling, and there are crumbs on the table, some aggressively ripped chicken, purposely not looking prim and polished for the shot. The scene, setting, the lifestyle of the shot comes alive more than making the product look oh-so-eff’ing perfect. Sand on the leg, wind in the hair, and you will notice in ads and editorials that models have gaps between their teeth, their hair isn't always perfect, pantyhose are running. Or a scar is shown. Perfect isn’t real. It is nice to see ads throwing in there some “real life” because I think that actually sells more than some airbrushed ass or sit-up-straight pose. I love it so much when I do see this, that I want to yell: YES! I love it! each time. I am sick of perfect. My message to advertisers and marketing professionals: Keep that band-aid on the models'/girls' knee, 'cause I am wondering how it got there and noticing the shoes in the ad and will prob buy them.

I might share my own scar stories on my blog soon :)

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