Friday, October 2, 2009 ANTM: Isobella shares beauty tips for petites

I often tell short girls to "work what you Do have" forget height and focus on your assets. Think of ads and editorials that are NOT just about height, I put this mindset to work with this article on BuddyTV, inspired by the terrible beauty shots Tyra took and how a shorter can get ahead by knowing how to prepare and create a beauty shot, tips for the short chicks here:

Here is some insight found in the article at Buddy TV on beauty tips for shorter girls:

Many times for an aspiring model, while in front of the camera, it can be a challenge to produce that beauty shot straight on to the camera because it involves a certain confidence but also ease as you position the face. It takes focus to bring a calmness but at the same time sternness to your face. Often the beauty shots I have in my portfolio were actually originally full body shots or three quarter length and I cropped the photo in Photoshop. A beauty shot happens best when you internally know how your face feels when it is ready to be shot. Your eyes often guide the shoot more than the photographer during a beauty shoot, and when you face is ready for the shot you feel it in your eyes.

I wish Tyra went into more detail about the difference between producing a beauty shot and a commercial print photo or fashion image. I also did not like the scarf concept and thought it was not necessary to cover the girl’s faces with scarves for a beauty challenge.

Best beauty shot: Sundai (To me she had an amazing episode; the result of her photo challenge was one of the only shots that was just of the models face.)
Most creative with the scarf: Ashley

I don’t think Brittney should have won the challenge photo shoot because her face was barely visible with the tan sheer scarf covering her face, which me doesn’t represent a quality beauty shot.

During the shoot Tyra had issues with Erin, not the way she modeled but the personality she lacked during the shoot. When the camera was not clicking, Erin would cock her eyebrow and answer questions with her eyebrow as if her expressions could speak louder than her voice. Tyra stressed how Erin needed to work on her personality on set and I do agree about this statement. Models should bring not just their beauty and confidence to the set, but their personality. They should be able to hold a conversation and I think another role a model has is to: Keep the shoot flowing and positive and fun. I have been on sets where the atmosphere was rude, harsh, and in a hurry, and I bought that burst of energy and conversation, laughter, that brought a lightness and enjoyment to the task we needed to get done. I also think creative people, those who are interested and understand art and design are better models, since modeling is a visual job.

Also Tyra had issues with Ashley and blamed her for being so difficult; I thought this was ridiculous because it was Tyra who was so flustered, not Ashley. I thought her first scarve looked fine; she didn’t need to be changed 3 times. Sometimes on shoots things do change, (try not to smudge your makeup doing changes and keeping your positive spirit is key no matter what the voices are saying about how bad that outfit, or styling looks, just stay focused and calm) but this was an example of a stressed, annoying photographer.

To prepare for a beauty shot I suggest going to the mirror. Knowing the photographer’s point of view can be found in your reflection and seeing what the camera sees and practicing your poses, and knowing your face angles can help you be a better beauty model.

Over the years I have become more confident with the straight on eyes to the camera shots but it takes time, and actual desire to learn how to be a better model. Being able to pull off a beautiful straight on to the camera shot is a good goal for a shorter model and I wish Tyra went into more detail about this.

If you have a visual on your mind while you shoot a beauty shot, such as thinking about cosmetic ads, sunglasses ads, skincare ads, hair care ads, and ads and editorials that involve close up beauty shots and full body beauty shots, you will be able to create a better shot. Also a beauty shot can also involve a smile and doesn’t have to involve massive makeup, some beauty ads are more simple or natural, and even a little messy with hair in the face in a wind-blown or beach style.

If an aspiring model doesn’t have a beauty shot in her portfolio, she should work hard to get a good one, crop a photo she already has, and strive to study beauty ads. The Beauty area of the modeling business and industry, has no height requirement, it is a place that welcomes girls of all shapes and sizes.


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