Friday, October 16, 2009

Aspiring models approaching aspiring brands

If you live in NYC and have a compcard or headshot and want to work with aspiring designers I would stop by the Crafts on Columbus next weekend, October 24 and 25. Mingle with aspiring jewelry designers, handbag designers, etc, I think as a model you have to go out and hands-on find opportunities, pitch yourself sometimes, and not be afraid to say "hey if you ever need a model think of me, I like your products,etc." A girl with no experience in modeling, especially if she is short, needs to be more a part of her goals, not just waiting for them to happen. If you want to work with a modeling agency and bigger brands, you have to first show you can model well, and working with some smaller but aspiring brands can be a great way to get some experience working with products. An print agency will also be more apt to working with you, despite your lackof hegiht, if you can show you have "modeled" for something before.

Google: craft fair + your city

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