Wednesday, October 7, 2009

America's Next Top Model Dance With Me podcast radio segment

ok, so Tyra disses Ashley for her dancer skills all the time, but yet tonight of ANTM cycle 13 it is all about dancing. Maybe Ashley will show them all, how dancing is actually a benefit for a model. Knowing movement, and your body is a helpful trait for a print model, especially a shorter model. Knowing your angles, how you look in a certain angle, how to look longer and leaner, -something dancers do is a benefit for a print model dealing with products and modeling for brands.

After the show tonight tune into my radio show segment on Model Talk Radio at 10:30pm EST for a recap of the Dance With Me episode.

Balancing on a beam and dancing in a cirus is rarely something you will do as a print model but tonight's ANTM cycle 13 episode is all about Cirque du Soleil and an inspired themed photo shoot. Should make for fun visuals, but girls, if you are short, don't overkill the eyes, hair, and circus theme, it is not something a print agency looks for. The guest judge is petite supermodel Josie Maran. See you later tonight at 10:30pm on Model Talk Radio, where there is no height requirement to model and shorter girls have the upper-hand.

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