Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amelia Earhart had a gap between her teeth - I think that is more reason to love her

I plan to see Amelia, the film with Hilary Swank.

Did you know, that, like me, Amelia Earhart had a gap between her teeth?

I loved reading about that recently, but I did not love reading that her husband "George P. Putnam (ever hear of the publishing family Penguin Putnam?) specifically instructed Earhart to disguise a "gap-toothed" smile by keeping her mouth closed in formal photographs."

Mmm. I understand that with short hair and flying in a man's world, Amelia was perhaps told to look danity for the times with her closed mouth, but why hide the gap then and now?

Show the real you. Smile big for it!

I love finding a new gap tooth person to admire. Amelia not only broke records, she proved women could fly just as high in life as men.

I also enjoy seeing gaps and so-called flaws shown in ad campaigns, did you notice in the Guess ad campaign the model has a gap between her teeth?
I also love the United Colors of Benetton ad campaigns.

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