Friday, October 30, 2009

Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Warrior launch!

YAY! just signed my first in-store copy of my graphic novel "Model Life" in BN in Tribeca! If you like books signed by authors check it out!

"Model Life" should be in your bookstore by now if not very, very soon. I hope you can check it out. The story is based on my modeling adventures and I wrote it for not just aspiring models but girls of all heights. Plus the graphic novel world needs some more girls! right!

Also my illustrator Jazmin Ruotolo is amazing.

You can also meet her at my launch party for Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior (Soft Skull Press), at MercBar on November 12th 2009 from 7-9pm.

Model Life is a celebration of the self-discovery that comes with being self-made and the triumph of beating the odds in modeling, and is based on the real adventures of petite model Isobella Jade.

With a live-photo-shoot involved, this is not going to be your typical book signing. Whatever your height, if you appreciate graphic novels, art, models, fashion, and illustration, it will be a memorable experience.

Model Life is truly a graphic novel for our current Internet/digital age readers and features emails, instant messages, and texts as the main form of communication throughout the work

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yes The ANTM biracial photoshoot was contrived

Oh yes I need to add that the ANTM biracial photoshoot this past week was obviously contrived. Meant to cause hype right after the French Vogue Black Face controversy. A bit too ironic that the biracial photoshoot would be just after the controversy, don't you think? Tyra should have had the girls learn about "models of all ethnicities" and explain how more and more models of all ethnicities are being used in print ads, instead Tyra creates this contrived shit. Well here are more of my thoughts on the biracial shoot from here:

The van stops and out of the woods comes Tyra and Jay.

Tyra is transforming the petite models into biracial models. She is shooting it as well. She teaches the girls the meaning of the Hawaiian word for "being mixed" or "Half and half," Happa. Tyra makes it so dramatic. I didn't think being biracial was that big of a deal. I mean aren't many of us biracial at this point?

Still, I feel nervous listening to Tyra tell the girls which two nationalities they each will portray for the forthcoming shoot.

Tents are set up, and the itty bitties are covered in an interesting brown foundation and I can't help but think of the French Vogue controversy over the black face model Lara Stone recently.

It's National Geographic meets a sad commercial for donating a dollar a day to feed children in poor countries, photo-shoot.

The girls are wearing the outfits that fit the vibe of the cultures they were representing, but with their hollow looking faces and expressions it's sadness I felt.

We are the world.

Tibetan, Egyptian, Greek, Madagascar, Mexican, Malaysian, Japanese, East Indian, and Native American, the list goes on. The girls should have been shown some images ahead of time of people from these cultures to get inspired. But no. Instead they are winging it, with Tyra as their non-explaining, frustrated photographer, who is having a terrible time shooting the girls. The little models obviously have spirit for the cultures they are trying to give props too. Sundai clings to a walking stick; Jennifer's necklace is almost bigger than her. Laura's legs are crooked and bent, and my eyes zig-zag down her body, but her eyes manage to have a glow. Brittany doesn't look as determined as the Pocahontas she is trying to portray. Erin's covered with too much makeup, and has a huge frock of wheat on her head, and although her shoulder forward and space between her body and arm gives her length, we lose the life in her eyes, but her dark haired wig looks nice. Nicole is looking off into the sunset perhaps, and has a long neck despite the chunky necklace. Nicole makes a statement within the theme and looks the most "into" the shoot, like she is on a mission to win this cycle.

This week's petite guest judge is supermodel Kirsty Hume, but she doesn't help the pee-wee models out with any tips on being a short model. I don't think this day will ever come, but I watch each week hoping one of the guest judges with represent shorter models and give some helpful hints to the hopefuls.

'America's Next Top Model': Sink or swim

Clearly the photo-shoots on "America's Next Top Model" are for entertainment value more than the real modeling industry. We have seen the girls imitate their baby photo, pose like Drag Queens on a horse, bend their bodies like Cirque Du Soleil dancers, fly in the air like a Ninja, pose with metal and wrap scarves around their heads and bodies like mummies, among other weird things.

This week's episode started with the Short Model House being condemned by Tyra, who has wrapped red "Danger" tape all around the house and inside of it. The house is a disaster, a pig-sty and Tyra claims that Sundai's suitcase is an explosive clothing pile, which would make a good home for a rat. The girls are embarrassed, and Laura is anxious to start cleaning up but Tyra has other plans for them. She is declaring the girls can not live in the house anymore.

She directs them to the backyard, where Tyra slips out of her "condemning outfit" and is now flaunting herself in a bikini. As the girl huddle on the patio they take notice that the backyard has transformed into a tropical paradise. With ass-shaking girls in grass skirts and half naked men flinging fire sticks, fruit galore and sand to play in, Tyra announces the girls better get packing because they are going to Hawaii, and they all squeal!

Sundai can't believe it, she has never been anywhere, she says. You know, except for Los Angeles for the show since she's from Las Vegas.

Next I hear Tyra's voice-over saying "welcome to Fierce Airlines," and I think, "Are you effin' kidding me?"

Off the plane and into their new pad, the girls are walking into a gazillion dollar home (or that is what it looks like), the grass is so green you want to cut it and add it to a salad and eat it, on the spot. Jennifer's CoverGirl commercial is playing in the living room, the bathroom, on another plasma near one of the six pools and waterfalls.

Tyra Mail has arrived. It reads: "If you want to catch a break, you're going to have to go get it."

Nicole ventures a guess that they'll be fishing. Nope it's surfing. A surfing photo challenge awaits.

Sink or Surf.

My full recap here:

I am being Tinkerbell for Halloween, you

Some of my favorite characters are shorties, Thumbelina, Smurfette, Betty Boop, but this year I am being Tinkerbell for Halloween, you?

A graphic novel for our digital age, based on the modeling adventures of the pint-sized underdog, Isobella Jade

A graphic novel for our digital age, based on the modeling adventures of the pint-sized underdog, Isobella Jade
(PRLEAP.COM) Petite model, author Isobella Jade releases fashion illustrated graphic novel "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior."

Isobella Jade is known as the tiniest working model in New York City and is also an advocate for petite models.

Long before Tyra Banks allowed itty-bitty models on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 this fall, Isobella was advocating about being a height challenged model. Known as the go-to-girl for modeling tips, she speaks weekly on her popular podcast radio show Model Talk on, daily on her blog, and often through video guides. Isobella’s memoir Almost 5’4" is also about her experiences as a shorter-than-average model.

Now the graphic novel world is welcoming Isobella Jade. This November her graphic novel called Model Life is due.

Join model/author Isobella Jade and illustrator Jazmin Ruotolo for the launch of
the fashion illustrated graphic novel Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior (Soft Skull Press), at MercBar on November 12th 2009 from 7-9pm.

Model Life is a celebration of the self-discovery that comes with being self-made and the triumph of beating the odds in modeling, and is based on the real adventures of petite model Isobella Jade.

With a live-photo-shoot involved, this is not going to be your typical book signing. Whatever your height, if you appreciate graphic novels, art, models, fashion, and illustration, it will be a memorable experience.

Model Life is truly a graphic novel for our current Internet/digital age readers and features emails, instant messages, and texts as the main form of communication throughout the work.

Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior with Isobella Jade
When: November 12th 2009
Time: 7-9pm
Where: MercBar 151 Mercer Street New York, NY 10012

For more information visit:

Today meet Bobbie Brown at Bloomingdales

Got this notice from NYTIMES Sophisticated Shopper feeds. Click to read full details.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

America's Next Top Model Surfing or Sinking? recap

When: Weds Oct 28th, 2009
Time: 9pm
Isobella has cast 5 models for her shoe modeling photo-shoot at her book signing launch party for her graphic novel Model Life on November 12th. Details are on her website. Tonight Isobella tries to figure out what it is up with Surf camp with surfing champ Buzzy Kerbox, and why these short models are still not modeling a product yet?. Also Isobella discusses the experience of Tyra transforming the petite models into bi-racial models. Good? or weird? This week's petite guest judge is supermodel Kirsty Hume.

Don't let anyone tell you that you don't have what it takes.

Don't let anyone tell you that you don't have what it takes.

To the people that do:

saying someone can't, rejecting someone's goal, even if they are pursuing it in the wrong way in hopes to finding a right way, is the wrong way to treat someone's goal. Instead of saying you can't, or "you don't have what it takes"...ask more questions, ask the person pursuing why they want to do something, ask how they plan to get where they want to go, help them see a straighter line, the righter way, don't dismiss someone's pursuit directly. It is a shame on you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When is a good time to mail a Modeling Agency?

A girl on facebook asked me today "Is there a bad time to submit to agencies? More specifically is November/December a bad time? This may seem like a weird question but I've heard a few times that it's not the best time. Mostly from photographers but photographers who are represented by fashion modeling agencies. Just so you know I am definitely striving for commercial so my list of agencies includes talent agencies and modeling agencies."

My reply:

I think mailing a print agency anytime is ok.

If they like what they see on your compcard they will keep you in mind when a client calls or you fit for something they have.

If they like your look and think it fits for a certain casting, go-see or booking, the agent will call and send you on a casting, and until you book a job it is less personable. More "are you available for a casting." "Ok, here is the info." type of thing.

Also remember, many aspiring models that are shorter and pursuing print modeling, expect this personal attention from agencies--however in print modeling it is not like that.

I have found that the hands-on effort of my self is a MAJOR major part of finding any oportunities as a model when you are shorter.

I have even asked the agencies I started working wth what can I DO FOR YOU, what do YOU need that I can work on so that you might be able to market me better to your cleints. So then I would create the certain photos they needed.

Having photography that looks professional is best. You want to show an agency, booker, that you CAN model, and that you DO have experience even, and having some experience from self-promotion and working hard does pay off.I have found in fact that having some experience, having shot with a magazine before I approached a modeling agency has helped me,...and considering my height.

Agencies want to first and foremost see that you can handle the job, --your pictures represent where you are going, what you are capable of, so work hard to produce good ones that show you CAN in need model something---. Print agencies do not train you--compared to fashion agencies it is totally different, and beware of scams of modeling schools that are a waste of money and rip off.

So there is no special time to mail an agency. When you have your compcard and a good portfolio, the time is now. There is no perfect time to mail a modeling agency, but just focus on making your photo say that you CAN model. Print modeling is different than fashion in that "being perfect" isn't such a thing, it is more about your personality. Can you relate to a certain product or brands' image with your persona. Having a vibrant personality and a look that works for lifestyle products is a good thing. Your personalityneeds to come through most in your photos.

(Commercial print agencies don't typically have in-house photographers. And it is up to you as the model to even art direct what you need for your compcard and portfolio, get the photos you need, invest, make compcards and submit them by postal mail and then when you are working with the agencies, making sure they have what they need to market you best.)

I hope this helps,

Model Fashion: Vogue November issue- caught my eye

Flipping through the November issue of Vogue and I like the pages on innovative models designing cool stuff.

Natalia Vodianova not only wears fashion she creates it. As a guest designer for Lutz & Patmos, she has created a two in one dress. It is a two way dress that goes from having a large collar to then being pulled down past under the arm pit and then the sleeves tuck to become deep pockets and now you are wearing a sleek strapless dress. Pretty neat. I do dig this, alot~
And $50 of each purchase is donated to THE NAKED HEART FOUNDATION, which was founded by Natalia.

Also Alex Wek has her own handbags through her company WEK 1933 by Alex Wek. (check out her sale) Well, my lucky number is 33, but that's not the only reason I dig what this model is doing, the vibrant colors are full of personality but also the handbags flip from a mid-size shoulder bag to a maxi satchel! Pretty awesome huh!

you are in control of the opportunities you get

It is really great to have agents and helpful people on your side, but also during your pursuits I strongly think this world is a self-made world. You have to chase and build your self and goals, you have to get off your booty and make stuff happen. Even on cloudy days. Getting the belief of others, the chance, evolves from giving yourself one.

Monday, October 26, 2009

prints for modeling portfolio & mailing modeling agencies question answered here

A girl on facebook recently asked me "where do you get prints for your portfolio printed. Also what are you thoughts on applying to agencies not in your area. I am from seattle but am considering sending my compcard to portland, should I even bother sending to print agencies located in La or new york? How does that work?"

My reply:
I use often they are affordable and great for 9" X 11" portfolio prints. I use them ALL the time and in my memoir Almost 5’4” I mentioned discovering them.

As for agencies, I would only submit to agencies in cities that you are able to get to quickly. The reason: In modeling castings are last minute and often even THAT Day and you have to be available asap. It is better when starting to pursue modeling work to do so with an agency near where you live. Also I suggest with your comp card researching out to aspiring brands, aspiring companies, and here is more info on marketing yourself in a smaller city to get a portfolio, which can lead you to bigger jobs and bigger opportunities.

Modeling for me and many is a growth, is a process, it doesn’t happen over night. And in today’s world there is no discovery, it is about discovering yourself, it is about building your self and goals, and it takes time, effort, and dedication, along with being realistic and ambitious at the same time.

It is always better to do one amazing modeling job with a great brand (or aspiring brand, jewelry, handbag, hair salon, etc) that will lead to other opportunities than a bunch of corny, tasteless, amateur modeling jobs. So aim high as well. I hope this helps and the link I have enclosed,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amelia Earhart had a gap between her teeth - I think that is more reason to love her

I plan to see Amelia, the film with Hilary Swank.

Did you know, that, like me, Amelia Earhart had a gap between her teeth?

I loved reading about that recently, but I did not love reading that her husband "George P. Putnam (ever hear of the publishing family Penguin Putnam?) specifically instructed Earhart to disguise a "gap-toothed" smile by keeping her mouth closed in formal photographs."

Mmm. I understand that with short hair and flying in a man's world, Amelia was perhaps told to look danity for the times with her closed mouth, but why hide the gap then and now?

Show the real you. Smile big for it!

I love finding a new gap tooth person to admire. Amelia not only broke records, she proved women could fly just as high in life as men.

I also enjoy seeing gaps and so-called flaws shown in ad campaigns, did you notice in the Guess ad campaign the model has a gap between her teeth?
I also love the United Colors of Benetton ad campaigns.

I'm engaged! Love, Laughs and fashion this weekend

I woke up yesterday and had no idea I would be ENGAGED!! by the end of the day!! OMG!! I am engaged!! It happened Friday, November 23rd, at Carmines our favorite italian spot by the Seaport. And my bf got down on one knee. OMG! I love vintage and a marquise diamond shape and the ring is beyond beauty, I am non-stop staring at my hand!

Also this weekend I went to see Brian Posehn at the Comix comedy club. He was great! Then I saw The September Issue film, quite good! Creativing director Grace Coddington was great and an asset to the film, I loved it when she said "do not fall alseep in the car and to keep your eyes open for inspiration is everywhere. Anna was memorable and I'd see it again! I will have more of a review on The September issue and Coco Before Chanel next week.

I threw in some history, and saw the Magna Carta at the Fraunces Tavern Museum.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: showroom modeling tips

I was watching The View this morning and listening to Elisabeth Hasselbeck talk about her fab collection for Dialogue, being sold on QVC, however I couldn’t help but notice how the models were not noticing what she was saying while she presented items from her line.

It is important to listen to the person who is talking about the garment, shoe, etc that you are wearing. When Elizabeth mentioned the back of the coat, the model should have turned around and showed the back, but she did not. As a viewer this would have been nice to see.

Now perhaps the models were just told to pose straight on towards the audience and sway back and forht a little but, I thought they should have listened to her more.

Often when modeling clothing or shoes in a showroom situation, it is best to listen to the person who is presenting the garment or item you are wearing. You will come off as a better model and the designer, and buyer will appreciate it.

So a tip when doing showroom modeling is always listen to the designer and also listen to the buyer and what they are talking about and interested in seeing. The side of the bag, the inside, the side of the shoe, the back of a dress

BuddyTV: Show Your Smile, Hide the String (On-Set Modeling Tips)

This week's article on BuddyTV is up:

After seeing Erin totally spaz out on America's Next Top Model while filming her Covergirl commercial, I wanted to share with you some on-the-job and behind the scenes modeling tips for getting through the day without crying.

Showing up with a clean face isn't enough. There are many more things you should have in your Model Survival Bag at every shoot. Here are some things to bring to your modeling bookings:

Shoes. Bring a comfortable pair of shoes, flip-flops or sandals to wear during breaks. You might be working in heels, and sometimes they are too small or not worn in. So you will want to keep your feet looking pretty, not tired or red, while waiting to go on set.

Robe. Sometimes the stylist won't have one for you, so bring your own if possible.

Food and water. Even if there is catering, you still want to be prepared. Bring water to keep your body and skin hydrated.

Hairclips, hair pins and elastic hair tie. Even if the job doesn't involve your face, you will typically want your hair out of your face. Even for shoe modeling jobs and hand modeling jobs, I try to keep my hair out of my face if possible. Doing so limits distractions (like hair falling in your face!) while on set.

Cell phone charger. While you are working you might get called for other jobs or castings to schedule, so keep your phone charged, but on vibrant or silent, while working.

Q-tips. This is one of the most handy model-tools ever. You can clean up your face, nail polish, and a million other things with a q-tip. Bring some.

Thong. Make it tan or black, typically those are the colors you will be wearing on the job.

Also keep in mind you are there to do a job. Leave your bad mood at the door and focus on getting the job done as efficiently as possible. It is better to ask for a bathroom or water break than to end up crying in front of the whole crew. You want to appear capable, and the client should feel like they hired the right girl for the job. You. Even if you are having an off day, focus on what the job entails, and bring your best effort forward.

Once I had my period, and I had a job for a shaving company. I had to be basically naked for 9 hours. However, I still made sure that no one knew the whole day of shooting that it was my time of the month. Part of being a model is keeping your positive spirit, and not letting a challenge get the best of you, even if it means hiding the string and smiling through your cramps.

Better prepared than sorry,

More of my tips based on topics of ANTM cycle 13 can be found here:

Child modeling scams

A received a comment on my blog about child model scams, and a way to know if you are being scammed is if you are paying the agency a lot of money for photography or fees to be on the agency website or be represented. You NEVER pay to be represented by an agency.

However, you do have to be prepared to be savvy and smart with having a professional photographer that you find take photos of your child. You can make your own modeling compcard and your child can freelance with talent or modeling agencies, but I would be first and foremost the best judgement of your child's modeling.

To avoid scams, don't pay the agency. If an agency charges you to represent you it is a scam.

Over the years I have had to art direct, print, create, and manage my own photos, but I also work with modeling agencies that DO NOT charge me, agencies that ARE not scams. Agencies that take the compcard I give them and the photos I have created, and market the photos to their clients. Without charge. You do have to be prepared for the work of getting photos made, and marketing materials, but do this outside the agency. Don't expect the agency will "handle everything" or "hand you anything"....and I would be very careful to avoid paying an agency to represent your child. It is a scam.

An agency can give you tips about the type of photos they want you to send in or have but you should NEVER pay an agency to represent you or your child.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Model Posing tips-The Face

In an article on, I mentioned how I have a gap and an overbite, and how I purposely work to make my smile come together in photos. It comes with practice to know your face, how to pose it, and to know what you look like when you do.
Here are some tips for “knowing your face” when you are infront of the camera.

I am sure you have seen a photo where the model’s face looks uncomfortable and it doesn’t matter how great the rest of her body looks, the facial expression can ruin a shot.

(also a side note: Hands can also ruin a shot. And I will be posting a blog also on posing the hands because an awkward hand can also ruin a shot.)

When in front of the mirror notice not just how your face looks at certain angles, but notice also how it internally “feels”. Not when you touch it, but how it feels internally.
I know what my expression or smile looks like without looking in the mirror because I know the “feeling” of that pose, of what my smile looks like and how I want it to look.

Can you remember how your face feels when you pose?

How does the way your face feel change when you change your expression.

The idea and goal is to know what you look like, without looking in the mirror. To know when in front of the camera, what the camera is seeing.

Knowing what you look like without a mirror can help you produce better photos. At a photo-shoot there isn’t always direction given so bluntly on how to pose your face, and you are expected to ‘give face’ without a mirror to guide you.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Model Life and ANTM go see tips

Isobella shares her graphic novel Model Life, her launch party is in SoHo on November 12th, also you can submit to her shoe modeling casting at, and she gives go-see modeling tips.

"Model Life" book party casting and ANTM cycle 13 recap

TONIGHT, 10:30pm EST. Isobella announces her book party for her fashion illustrated graphic novel "Model Life" on November 12th in SoHo NYC. She is casting 5 petite models for a shoe modeling photo-shoot at her book signing. She also chimes in on ANTM cycle 13 and the girls using their interview skills and how public speaking can actually help your modeling pursuits. Tonight on ANTM the itty-bitty models are challenged to put their interviewing skills to use as they sit in with "90210's" Jessica Lowndes on the set of "The Insider." Isobella also shares a bit about her advertising and marketing background in response to the models writing their own scripts for their CoverGirl commercials this week. Kim Kardashian is this week's guest judge.

Tune in here at 10:30pm after ANTM cycle 13 tonight:

inspiring yourself with knocking on it's door

when you want something in life don't be afraid to knock on it's door. Trying is the biggest part of getting where you want to be.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Casting 5 petite models for "Model Life " book party

Are you petite? Under 5'7"? Are you living in the New York City area? My graphic novel Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior is due this November and on November 12th I am having a launch party! I am casting 5 petite models as the "shoe models of the night" during a live-photo-shoot. Hence my motto that height isn't everything and how shoe modeling was one of my first modeling jobs and in my graphic novel Model Life, the character's first modeling break came with shoe modeling.

I am sorry but for this there is an age requirement, I am looking for is 21+ because it is at a bar/lounge in SoHo.

November 12th 7pm-9pm.

To submit send a photo of yourself to

Height isn't everything in modelng ya'know.

Monday, October 19, 2009

"Model Life" book party launch November 12th SoHo

Join model, author Isobella Jade and illustrator Jazmin Ruotolo for the launch party of the fashion illustrated graphic novel:

“Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior” (Soft Skull Press),

November 12th 2009 from 7-9pm.

At MercBar, 151 Mercer Street, in SoHo, NYC.

“Model Life” is a celebration of the self-discovery that comes with being self-made and the triumph of beating the odds in modeling, and is based on the real adventures of petite model Isobella Jade.

With a live photo-shoot involved, this is not going to be your typical book signing. No matter your height, if you appreciate graphic novels, art, models, fashion, and illustration, it will be a memorable experience.

Isobella is also holding a contest for 5 petite models based in New York City to be a part of the live-photo-shoot at the signing and launch party for “Model Life”, any shorties (girls 5’6” and shorter) can submit by emailing, because height isn’t everything in modeling.

“Model Life” was inspired by Isobella’s first book Almost 5’4” which was penned down the street from the MercBar at the Apple Store, not too long ago.

Why are jeans all over $100 these days? Denim panic

I love jeans, they are a go-to item for me, my running around, and hustle, but honestly I never thought growing up that jeans would now cost over $100 as a normal thing. Now it is the norm to wear jeans that cost over $100 and I don't like it.

I do think that jeans have made more of a fashion statement but that doesn't mean I am going to pay $150+ bucks for them.

I tend to shop for jeans at H&M, Forever 21, Levi, Guess, Armani Exchange, outlet malls. And many brands such as Joe's Jeans, Buffalo, and Paige denim stand out, but I can't stand paying over $100 for jeans. Really I can't.

Anyone else feel my pain?


Carrie Leigh’s Nude Announces Third Annual Fine At Photography Contest

I thought aspiring models and also talented photographers might find intriguing
Carrie Leigh’s Nude Announces Third Annual Fine At Photography Contest. I love black and white photography and black and white nudes and Carrie's magazine is a rare publication that features the body as an art, and all shapes as well. Here is the scoop on the contest:

LOS ANGELES: Carrie Leigh’s NUDE, the fastest growing fine-art photography magazine in the world, today announced the long-awaited details surrounding its third annual photography contest. Open to amateur and professional photographers everywhere, this year’s Call For Entries has begun and is already off to a fantastic start.

As a quarterly publication NUDE is always eagerly anticipated by photographers and other artists, and continues to draw the top talent working today. Each issue features the best fine-art nudes printed with the strictest and most precise reproduction techniques available. Because of this dedication to the Art of Photography NUDE’s annual photography contest has grown ever more popular each year.

In addition to having the winning photographs published in the summer 2010 issue, cash prizes ranging form $50USD to $500(USD) will be awarded. The Grand Prize winner will have his or her own exhibit in the issue as well.

NUDE Publisher Carrie Leigh has decided to once again give back to the photographers and models that have made NUDE so successful. "As NUDE continues to grow we will continue to give back to the artistic community." Says Ms Leigh. "With the world’s economy in such turmoil and NUDE doing so well," Ms. Leigh says "we decided that this would be a great way of helping out those in the artistic community who have the desire to exhibit their work, to gain some recognition, and have it lead to bigger and better things."

The competition is for a single photo and exhibit, and the judges will include Carrie herself, Kim Weston and other internationally renowned photographers who have been exhibited in the publication. Grand prize for the exhibit is $500 with $250 and $100 for second and third respectively. Single image prizes are $250, $100 and $50. Judging criteria will be on the basis of: Conceptual Creativity, Use of Light, Artistic Merit and Unique style.

Carrie Leigh’s NUDE Magazine, often described by top professional and fine-art photographers as the “Gold Standard” in photography publications, is distributed throughout North America through Barnes and Noble, Borders, Chapters, Joseph Beth, and Hastings, along with other book and magazine stores. NUDE is also distributed in half a dozen foreign countries, with several more countries to be added in 2010.
You can find complete details of the contest, and much more, at, Nude Magazine’s official website.

The Internet age and Modeling Agencies, what's legit, what's crap?

Many agencies, even very legit ones, that have been around for years are turning into web marketing for their models. I don't approve of it. I haven't paid to be on a modeling agencies website, and I don't suggest aspiring models do this either. Make the agent work, they have a purpose, get a compcard, and give it to them, and say Please use this to market me. You working with the agency shouldn't be based on whether you pay to be on their website. It is very hard to tell the difference between a professional agency and a legit one, especially in the Internet age- here is a tip: If the agency asks you to pay to be on the agencies website, or else you can't work with them... it is a scam! A waste. The internet or a website doesn't replace the modeling agent. An agent as a purpose right? Yes!

Some agencies I have worked with, who have been around for a while, and who are professional in means of they pay you, and send you on legit castings, have launched more savvy websites in hopes of getting money from their models to be on the website. It is a scam. Paying to be on an agencies website is not professional. A professional agencies will not charge you to represent or market you as a model.

Models go through enough shit, aspiring models have to get photos, make comp cards, art direct, and they shouldn't also have to pay to be on the agencies website. It is really sad when that happens. Skip it and move on, there is professionalism out there. Seek it, aim higher, and you will find it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

let me keep my beauty marks!

I was in the sand, and the photographer tried to brush away a lil beauty mark on my lil' toe during a shoot, maybe thinking it was some grains of sand, I said "No that stays! that's mine, it doesn't come off." I have a beauty mark near my eyebrow also and I don't like it when the makeup artist tries to cover it. I like it.

When I was 11 or 12 I tried to remove one of my beauty marks that was on my stomach, it sits on my left rib cage, but I now find these little marks on my body sexy.

I have one on on center of my chest as well, when I wear a bikini top the center string covers it a little, or wear a bra, it is hidden a little, but it's there and I think it's cute.

Do you have any beauty marks?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cottonelle and beauty come together-at last!

I have been waiting for a toliet paper brand to come forward and be a part of the beauty world. I use face towels to clean my face, but often when I touch up my makeup, or clean up my face, I am grabbing a few squares of toliet paper to get the job done.

Cottonelle came forward in an ad in the current Elle magazine promoting red carpet beauty. With beauty tips about moisturizing and the ad also gave some some makeup tips. Along with plugging their very own flushable moist wipes and Aloe toliet paper. Now, first and foremost I suggest using a facial towel that can be washed in laundry and used again, before wasting squares but I thought the Cottonelle ad was on point! With my advertising and marketing background I thought it was very smart of the brand to come forward in a fashion forward and beauty way.

how models can prepare for go-sees and castings

I posted an article I wrote for BuddyTV, where I give a petite perspective each week and share modeling tips for shorter girls. You might have caught it, but if you didn't here is insight on Model Go-sees 101:

During the Petite Ninja Warriors episode of America's Next Top Model this week, the girls had a go-see challenge. In groups of two, the eight hopefuls were sent to five different castings in a four hour span, in an effort for each of them to live the life of a real model.

This challenge inspired me to share a Go-see 101 with you, since the show didn't go into detail on the real go-see "day in the life." There is more to a go-see than just showing up!

What happens at a go-see: You are sent to "go-see" if you fit for an editorial, ad campaign or commercial, and must present yourself and modeling portfolio to a casting director, art director, editor, or marketing professional in hopes that your look and personality will work with the concept for the modeling job. Sometimes the go-see is more about how you wear or use the product. For example, at jeweler Neil Lane, when Sundai tried on the jewelry she looked more scared than into the idea. Kara, without her ears pierced, immediately blew it, and if she had an agency, the agency would have been a fool to send her to this go-see. Brittany, however, commented on how pretty the jewelry was and showed she was "into" the whole idea.

What to wear: I wear typically jeans, boots or heels, and a tank or t-shirt; however, depending on the go-see, I style my clothing based on the vibe of the brand I am visiting, sometimes even changing in the bathroom before and after if I am between go-sees. I try to dress the part, look like the girl who could model in that ad campaign for that product. Typically a print model is going to go-sees for brands that are not as fashion forward, so you don't have to go into overdrive when it comes to styling yourself. Makeup should be simple, don't over enhance the lips or eyes. No heavy, dark eyes! Hair should be out of face for beauty and skincare go-sees, but use the hair as an asset for a clothing go-see or lifestyle product. Jennifer got told at a go-see she had too much makeup on, Kara came across as a disheveled mess with greasy hair--both go-see no-nos!

How to prepare for a go-see: It is best to know something about the brand, magazine, or client you are about to visit. Is it a cell phone company, cosmetics, or a shoe brand? What is the vibe of the brand? Are they eco-friendly? Is it a high-end product or more commercial? What have their previous campaigns looked like? It is smart for a model to know something about the personality of the brand before the go-see, so that you can better prepare to fit the vibe of the brand. I wish the America's Next Top Model girls were prepared a little better about which brands they were going to visit before their go-see rat-race.

Arranging your portfolio and presentation: If you are going to a casting for a shoe company, then put shots of you modeling shoes at the front of your portfolio and point them out. Also, show up to the casting or go-see looking the part. If it is for shoes, then know ahead of time what type of shoes, heels, sneakers, sandals, or boots, and show up wearing a pair. I am not saying go out and buy a pair of Stewart Weitzman boots for a casting, but show up wearing something of a similar vibe. I've had casting for Nine West shoes and Guess shoes and I try to show up wearing the brand if possible. Whether it is watches, earrings, handbags, skincare, or cosmetics, showing you are relatable to the brand, that you like it and can comment on it in a positive way, can help you book the job sometimes. This also shows you understand the brand, and that you can pull off the concept for the campaign or commercial. Although the job might just entail posing a certain way or walking or wearing a garment beautifully, you still want to show your personality. Erin lacks in the personality department and appears timid, even though the designers at the go-see admired her walk. Laura was told she showed a lot of range in-front of the casting directors and designers, and being able to bring forward your diversity and ability to work with different products is a plus in modeling.

Be prepared for the unexpected: I went to a hand modeling casting for Vaseline, but after the casting director saw on my compcard that I also did full body modeling I was asked to take some back shots. However, I did not have on the underwear I would have preferred. That day I was wearing boyshorts instead of the normal tan or black thong I wear to go-sees and at modeling jobs. I did the shots but didn't felt as prepared. The moral of the story is to expect the unexpected, keep in mind what your compcard shows, and always remember that even if the casting is for one thing--from a hand shot to a shoe--it could involve other aspects. For example: If you go to a casting for shoes, try to make sure your hands also look prepared and polished because for many shoe campaigns the hands are seen putting on the shoe. At ad agency Wongdoody, the mini-models had to read a script with an accent. Luckily some of the girls had one from their hometown or could wing it, but Sundai didn't have one, so she gave the persona of a shy-girl--which wasn't far from the nerves she showed, anyway.

Other tips for model go-sees:

•Know what kind of go-see it is: Most modeling open-calls can be disastrous, long lines and many, many people ahead of you, and unless you show up early, you should be prepared for a long wait. Also be cautious that it is not a scam, as there are many modeling scams out there with the Internet these days.

•The extra effort for the right opportunity can pay off: For a Macy's commercial go-see I hiked out to Brooklyn, for Victoria's Secret I traveled to Long Island City in Queens, and I booked both jobs. Despite having small hands for the Macy's job, and wearing a size six shoe for the VS job, I showed up with a friendly smile despite the commute, which helped me book the job.

•Have manners and be gracious: It might sound simple, but being gracious and courteous to the product you are modeling does get taken into account. If you try on clothing, jeans, or shoes at a go-see, be kind to them. Hang the dress back up, and put the shoes in a nice row on the floor. Brittany was rightly scorned for placing her shoes on the table during the go-see challenge. Put everything back where you found them, neatly and with respect.

Above all, a go-see is just the model version of an interview. Having confidence, high self-esteem, and the ability to quickly show how well you mesh with the atmosphere and concept of the product or campaign can help you nail the job.

Now go out and put your best foot forward!
Isobella Jade

More of my tips can be found here on BuddyTV:

Friday, October 16, 2009

If you live in NYC (books)

If you live in NYC and haven't got a chance to check out my original memoir Almost 5'4", (the book I originally wrote at the Apple Store) I signed 6 in-store copies today at the BNoble stores in Union Square and on 8th Street and 6th ave. :)

Aspiring models approaching aspiring brands

If you live in NYC and have a compcard or headshot and want to work with aspiring designers I would stop by the Crafts on Columbus next weekend, October 24 and 25. Mingle with aspiring jewelry designers, handbag designers, etc, I think as a model you have to go out and hands-on find opportunities, pitch yourself sometimes, and not be afraid to say "hey if you ever need a model think of me, I like your products,etc." A girl with no experience in modeling, especially if she is short, needs to be more a part of her goals, not just waiting for them to happen. If you want to work with a modeling agency and bigger brands, you have to first show you can model well, and working with some smaller but aspiring brands can be a great way to get some experience working with products. An print agency will also be more apt to working with you, despite your lackof hegiht, if you can show you have "modeled" for something before.

Google: craft fair + your city

Don't let your height hold you down, do the work to get ahead

In my memoir Almost 5'4" I share many of my early modeling mistakes and how I overcame them in hopes you won't make them, also I wrote a lot about the hands-on work I put in to get ahead. The designers I approached, the magazines I submitted to, and how I approached professional photographers with concepts and landed my first tearsheets in magazines on my own.

A lot of girls tell me about the trials of being a model, especially when they are short.

With the Internet becoming such a big part of our daily lives it tends to be the place a girl first goes to learn about modeling and market herself as one. However, the Internet is no place to start a modeling goal, modeling happens when you are modeling "something" -a product-and there are many aspiring brands out there you could contact and approach about modeling for their advertising, especially now when budgets are lower for brand marketing.

Use Google to research brands and small companies, go to tradeshows, craft fairs, boutiques, bring a headshot or compcard. Don't rely on the Internet for you to be discovered, it doesn't happen like that. There is no short-cut, you have to do the work. Try jewelery designers, handbag designers, scarfs, hats, shoes, these are good to consider, especially because there is no height requirement to model a handbag!

These days aspiring brands might need a model but can't afford a high fashion agency model. So that is your cue to get on the ball and market yourself in bigger ways, towards a goal, and with a brand.

With no experience you might not get paid a ton at the start but it is better to get quality experience than waste time counting hits and comments because modeling happens when you "model something". Don't let your height hold you down, and don't settle, aim higher, chase more, want more for your goals.

Also, having some experience, showing the agency you can model, that you have done it before, that you have worked with a brand, aspiring or established, will give you a better chance to be welcomed to work with the agency, despite your height.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

BuddyTV, my go-see 101 Short Model Sensei

I am writing a petite perspective on ANTM cycle 13 "season of the short chicks" for Buddy TV, this week the model hopeful were sent on a go-see challenge, therefore here I share a model Go-see 101 and I hope it helps you when it comes to preparing for a go-see, what to wear, what happens, and know-how when attending model go-sees.

Do you have a scar story? beauty is found in the story you have to tell

A friend recently told me she wanted to remove a scar on her arm. I told her NO, that scar is a story. We all have scars on our bodies. I think scars are actually really interesting; do you have an inspiring scar-story? Send me your scar-story at and I’ll feature you on this blog because beauty is found in the story you have to tell.

Zap2it, ANTM: Revenge of the ninja warrior pint-size princess

Some viewers may not have caught it, but what was really ironic about this week's "America's Next Top Model" was the Dove commercial that aired during the show. The ad shows flashes of magazine models and the fashion world flying by a young girl: billboards, runway shows, a tall pair of shoes. The conclusion is how these images can affect a young girl's self-esteem.

It reminds me how "ANTM" has said an audience but yet Tyra never goes on about self-esteem (other than to trumpet how healthy her own is). She's rather spend her time picking away at the girls' outfits or Sundai's accessories.

Fighting the doubt

This episode is called "Petite Ninja Warriors." It starts off with Nicole crying because Tyra told her she lost her magic during the Cirque du Soleil shoot. Remember her chin shot?

Kara comes up with an idea. She wants to create an "America's Next Top Model" musical. Rae joins in and starts to sing a song about Laura and her country life. When the camera is on Laura I can't help but notice the bruises on her legs?.Kara talks smack about Nicole saying "she has the social grace of a fetus." I wonder if Kara realized her voice is just as annoying as Nicole's but then I get distracted because Tyra Mail has arrived.

Tyra Mail reads: How driven are you? We will find out tomorrow."

Read more of my recap here on Zap2it:

ANTM cycle 13 Petite Ninja Warriors podcast

Here I share insight into preparing, tips and tricks for go-sees and what I liked and didn't about the episode Petite Ninja Warriors on ANTM cycle 13. And model Judge Jessica White speaks up against Nigel's judgements, I think we all should.

Bye-bye perfect.

The word perfection is friends with the word model but I think perfection is fading out. The other day I shooting some shoes and it wasn’t about making the shoes look totally perfect, it was about the atmosphere the shoes were in, and telling a story through it. The day in the life of shoe at a rock concert sort of thing. Other times I have been modeling for a food magazine, hand modeling, and there are crumbs on the table, some aggressively ripped chicken, purposely not looking prim and polished for the shot. The scene, setting, the lifestyle of the shot comes alive more than making the product look oh-so-eff’ing perfect. Sand on the leg, wind in the hair, and you will notice in ads and editorials that models have gaps between their teeth, their hair isn't always perfect, pantyhose are running. Or a scar is shown. Perfect isn’t real. It is nice to see ads throwing in there some “real life” because I think that actually sells more than some airbrushed ass or sit-up-straight pose. I love it so much when I do see this, that I want to yell: YES! I love it! each time. I am sick of perfect. My message to advertisers and marketing professionals: Keep that band-aid on the models'/girls' knee, 'cause I am wondering how it got there and noticing the shoes in the ad and will prob buy them.

I might share my own scar stories on my blog soon :)

knowing my body has helped me book modeling jobs

I am usually shorter than everyone on set, even the makeup artist. :)
Even in my heels. But knowing my body has helped me book modeling jobs with great brands, photographers and work with great agencies. Knowing how to angle my body, make it longer, work with my limbs, has really helped. I will be writing more about posing and looking longer, cheating your proportions later today.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When Photoshop goes bad in Modeling

I must say, even before I read this article about Photoshop going bad within the RL campaign, I hated photoshop. I do. I think people obsess over it way to much in the editorial and advertising industry. Have you ever seen photography of the before Photoshop times? It is like sooooo much more amazing and real and it is the kind of art you want to stare at all day. Photograhy is about story telling, and it is sad when the story is about how badly photo shopped something is or was.

Also I feel bad for the skinny model that thought she would be in the whole ad, head to toe in the ad, but then Filippa's face was used instead. Copy and pasted.

This article on shine called: Was the photo shopped Ralph Lauren model fired for being overweight?, is more than just an article about weight or lack of, but an issue about when enough is enough with the mouse and Photoshop erase tool. Seriously!

Putting someone else’s head on someone else’s body has happened before, this issue with Ralph Lauren's ad campaign is not new news, haven't magazines done this for the covers?

What can an aspiring model learn from this, well this is what you can learn:
When working with a photographer, creating photos for your portfolio or compcard, stress to do light photoshop. Don't over do the Photoshop, even if you are not in an ad campaign yet, don’t. It just looks bad, forced, and it is not eye-catching. Airbrushing your photos is NOT the best way to present your self. Actually a print agency wants to see more than your perfect face, they actually want to see the real you. What is so wrong with "the real" of people anyways?? Honestly? Don't you dare Photoshop close the gap between my teeth!!!!!

Ok ok so Fashion, is this world in a bubble, and is supposed to be a business of fantasy. Fine. I can accept that. Its fantasy. But please let the girl keep her own head and own body!

What you consider a flaw could be your ticket in

I am not tall. And I have small everything. Small hands, feet, etc. However when I noticed that the tiny things about me where actually ways I could get ahead, modeling opportunities came my way.

It is easy to spit out "I'm too short," but why do that?

Modeling is not just about being a certain height if you know how to market what you do have.

Don't forget that modeling is about modeling 'something' and many times that 'something' is a retail product or lifestyle product and a product that is not so high fashion. A shoe, a handbag, a cell phone.

Agencies and brands DO use models that are NOT all tall. But you have to notice these ways to get in the door.

What you consider a flaw could be your ticket in to an agency, and towards opportunities. Use what you do have.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There will be days

There will be days when it feels very tough, impossible and overwhelmed is the word.
There will be times when it seems like “why am I trying to do this.”
There will be moments of asking your self “is this possible, am I wasting my time?”
There will be people who try to bring you down, and enjoy doing so.
There will be weight pulling at your dreams in many directions.
There will be obstacles to overcome.
But don’t drown in the doubts of others.
Don’t sink to a level below where you want to be.
There will be deep breaths, even tears.
There will be lonely moments too.
But girl, I have been there, I know those days, times, moments, people, obstacles, and I am telling you to aim for all you want to be, and do, aim high and to keep your chin up.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Your inner glow is real beauty

I have worked as a model for years and within the pursuit and jobs the words "beauty" come up often in the world of advertising and photography. "A beautiful shot." "Ohh that looks beautiful." And in a million others ways, etc.

However, when it comes to “what is real beauty,” if someone was to ask me "what do you think is real beauty?" I would say “it is a feeling” more than an appearance.

I think real beauty is what you feel inside.

It is obvious when someone feels good about themselves, and feels beautiful within, you can see it on their face in an ironic way, their inner glow comes forward.

A beautiful landscape can make you feel calm, at ease, excited, and then you could pose for a photo and now you are that beauty within that landscape which can make a beautiful picture.... but real beauty to me is found inside of a person.

I don’t care how perfect the mascara is, and if the outfit matches so, I care more about how a person feels about themselves, if they like what they are wearing, doing, creating, and believe in what they are saying and who they are.

I think the more beautiful you feel on the inside the more beautiful you are as a whole. I feel that the beauty we feel inside should be something we talk about more also. Here is why.

Well, the obvious, we live in an outward appearance obsessed world. A women walks into the room and it is not her poise, kindness or friendly appeal that is complimented often enough, usually it is her handbag, the lipstick or the eye-shadow, the shoes.

So the next time you compliment someone compliment not just the outward obvious.

I try not to only compliment my friends on the outside obvious but instead on who they are as people.

It might sound corny, but ask yourself “what do you like about yourself” beyond the appearance aspects of “your eyes, lips, boobs, butt, etc.”

Are you thoughtful, are you creative? Let’s give credit to those assets.

We are more than our appearances. I am happier about myself knowing that, knowing that I am more than my booty or handbag.

I believe that when a person feels beautiful inside they are more giving to others, a better listener, more positive, and more excited and ambitious about their work, goals and pursuits as well. When a person likes themselves they are a better friend.

When a person feels beautiful on the inside they are more confident in themselves and their choices.

Beauty is loving yourself.

Who we are is made up of our minds and hearts, not just how great our ass looks in those jeans.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

me! In GQ Italy editorial on Model Life coming soon!

Did you know I am Italian? yup. Third generation. Only I don't speak it. Darn!
However, if you do, I am featured in the October issue of GQ Italia~! Click to see it larger.

My shoe pile is growing-Black Heels-Shoe Favs picks

My shoe pile is growing but the basics are missing like a pair of simply just black heels. I got red, but no simple black! Hunting for basics. Here are some results of my hunting:

This is the Kimmi, at Bakers $59.99, this is a good option.

This is the Kontesa, Bakers, $59.99, a classic.

Bring some flair to basic black with Bakers IVONNE, $59.99.

Moda Spana Qutie Lace Peep Toe Platform, DSW, $54.95, the lace makes a basic black have some sensuality.

Something with some sophistication meshed with sex appeal, Jessica Simpson's Racer Platform, at DSW, $59.95, might do the job:

This Michael Antonio Women's Lirit Pump, $44.95, Endless, intrigues me, I am thinking a black dress with grey or pin-stripe tights:

The more you want the more you work, it is true.

What do you doing this weekend? Work!

I will admit I work through-outthe weekends often. Not every second but I do work daily (even on Sundays skipping brunch often) towards what I want.

The more you want the more you work, it is true. But I think it is worth it, and when you know it will be a challenge and something you have to dive into; step up to the plate to achieve, the realization that THIS will be hard, becomes inspiration.-

Friday, October 9, 2009

Is "real women" in magazines an advancing trend?

Do you want to see real women in magazines or fashion models? Does it matter to you? German women's magazine Brigitte, is dropping fashion models for "real women."

Do you think women want to see the models or see women that look like them in the magazines? Is "real women" in magazines an advancing trend?

In Germany real people as models are on the rise

A girl commented on my Wall page on facebook recently asked:

Isobella, I havent seen you comment about it yet, but yesterday I heard on a christian radio station I was listening to that Germany is not using experienced models anymore. they are looking for real people to start modeling in their fashion magazines, not typical thin tall girls! Have you heard?

My reply: that is awesome! Thanks for telling me.In the US I do already see real looking models in ad campaigns and more products are finding that the best models are actually just people who fit the vibe of the brand. Which is more reason for models of all heights and sizes to pursue print modeling and try. Models are people who fit the vibe ... Read Moreof the brand, who use their look, personality, energy to be a part of the brands image. They are not all tall and super skinny, they are real people. What it comes down to is the will to do it, the want, many times finding opportunities in life is about showing up, wanting it, being available and able to take on the job.

(((Again, Many times finding opportunities in life is about showing up, wanting it, being available and able to take on the job. Like raising your hand and saying I am Here, I want this. It isn't always about being perfect for the job, or the best, it is about showing up, and being eager enough to try.)))

Germany's highest-circulation women's magazine says it will stop working with professional models in favour of 'real women'.
Here are some articles on REAL Models being on the rise:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Overcoming a complicated photo shoot (BuddyTV ANTM)

I am writing recaps of ANTM on see below for my weekly post, and I am also sharing modeling tips from a petite perspective on BuddyTV, here are some tips on how to overcome a complicated photo shoot, like the one this week with the Cirque du Soleil themed photo shoot.

A Cirque du Soleil themed photo shoot could make a creative, artistic, colorful, and energetic result, but that didn't happen last night on America's Next Top Model. The cycle 13 mini-models had hair that was bigger than they are, eyes darker than the devil, and the glitz was translated as an impression of a half-naked actress in the musical Chicago or Rent, slinking on stripper poles. Flying to Vegas didn't end up being exciting after all.

Find out how to "Melt into the atmosphere to create a better shot."
And why no matter your size "Making the most of the space" is important.
Along with why keeping your "Chin up, but not that up!" can make the difference.

How to overcome a tough photo shoot tips here:

ANTM Dance With Me video: movement in modeling

In this video I share how movement in modeling is an asset, based on ANTM Dance With Me episode, knowing your body and proportions and having energy and personality is a benefit for a print model.(Tip: Turn down my podcast radio show on the right side to here better or stop by my model video guides here:

'America's Next Top Model' goes to the Cirque

The moment I heard that Cirque du Soleill was going to be the theme for this week's episode of "America's Next Top Model," I thought of Ashley. Dance is her forte after all.

Now with Bianca gone, the camera goes to Ashley accordingly. If you want to know who will get cut, most of the time just focus on the theme of the episode and pay attention to who has the weaker leg. Posing with a horse, of course, it was Courtney with her busted foot.

Read more of my recap here on Zap2it:

Power to the shorties

power to the shorties and doing what you love and not taking no as an answer, letting the no be more inspiration. Strive!

no more hand models in Gourmet magazine

Hand models don't just model beauty wine glasses, nail polish or jewelry, they also model in food magazines. I have many times for Bon Appetit, but I will never be hand modeling in Gourmet magazine. An account at modeling agencies that deal with hand models is gone, with the close of the magazine.

I hope I live to 92 like Irving Penn

To understand modeling and photography is to understand the works and life of Irving Penn. If every day you learn something learn about the life of this man:

"Penn's models may be alluring, but he emphasizes their self-absorbed beauty in a way that makes them seem cold and inhuman," the Atlantic magazine wrote in 1985, reviewing a retrospective of his work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1984.",0,1536282.story?track=rss

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ashley should not have gone home tonight on ANTM

Ashley should not have gone home tonight on ANTM,maybe if Tyra didn't diss her gift of movement during the first episodes she might have been more apt 2 use her dancer skills, not hide and loosen up her body. If you compare her photos, on the horse, laying on the couch, etc, she has a beautiful face for print modeling, beauty, jewelry, and hopefully Tyra didn't bash her pursuits too bad.

I'll do anything to be famous Tyra show comment received

OK, I just received this email today about the Tyra Banks Show from a reader of this blog:

Hey Isobella, I saw something on the tyra show that I thought I should tell you about. If you didnt see it for yourself. Today at 4 on the tyra banks show tyra had 5 girls who would do anything to become famous and after tyra exposes private conversations that they had with a fake agent which was set up by her she tells the girls which one of you girls want to be models and 3 of them raised their hands an she flat out said "well ima tell you right now your not gonna be models. You cant be high fashions and you cant be commercial models either so stop doing photo shoots"; I was so shocked because there is even senior citizens who are commercial models so what could have led her to that conclusion? I really think you should look that up because I know you would find that interesting. As soon as I heard that I was like omg Isobella has to hear that lol.

I find this shocking that Tyra would tell a girl she can't model, even if the girl doesn't know how to go about marketing what she does have in the proper way. Whether commercial or high fashion I don't agree with her show ANTM and often I want to throw something at the TV when watching it. It is all about being fierce and many aspects are for entertainment value not real modeling aspects!

And many times the models are misguided about the real opportunities for models of all sizes, especially during the "short model cycle" currently airing.

I am not saying a shorter girl will be a runway and jetset around the globe model but there are opportunities for shorter girls. And no matter your height, etc, if you want something there is a realistic and ambitious way to go about it and get something from it. On her talk-show I don't think she brings forward the self esteem issue enough or helps the audience or guests feel good about themselves enough in any topic she shares.

Sometimes it seems like she forces the topic as well, and I didn't see the show based on "i'll do anything to be famous" but based on the comment I received, my thoughts are: Maybe Tyra should have told the girl to watch out for scams, instead of being so negative and creating one for the girls to experience, and if she put a naive girl infront of a sleazy so-called agent for this test on her show to make a point of desperation, then really WTF?

Why not teach girls how to overcome their desperation, and how to work with their ambition towards getting something realistically and honestly.

We live in a "get famous, get rich fast" world now, and more girls would rather be in Playboy and Vogue than teachers or anything else for that matter, but I believe if you have the desire you should try to do what-ever it is you want to do. Be realistic, but be ambitious.

The topic of "obsessed with being famous" is no new news, it is something of the Internet-age of clicks, comments and look-at-me, and the topic to me seems dated.

When it comes to the model topic and the email I received: I don't see why she would tell a girl she can't model. or can't do anything, in the first place.

The topic of "I'll do anything to be famous, or doing anything to succeed" is a "heard it all before" topic,...couldn't she come up with something better? Not so cliche'.

There is a bad type of desperation that comes from a place inside of a person's that lacks confidence to do things the real way, taking a chance, and a person who doesn't respects hard work can easily fall desperate and into a bad situation. It is best to be honest with your self when striving for something, and doing something out of desperate means such as sleeping with someone to get ahead, comes from not appreciating hard work, and not wanting things to be deserved and instead forcing the success which never leads to good in the end.

Being famous is boring if there is nothing to be famous for that is respected or admired. Being famous for a purpose beyond being cute, half naked, showing panties, does exist still. Think about what you will leave when you die and quickly you can see how being famous or known, or gawked at for being pretty really isn't enough. The famous thing isn't exciting unless you are actually doing something that leaves a mark in the end.

When it comes to modeling desperation should never capture a girls desire to find opportunities that are good for them, like any pursuit, it doesn't happen over night and it involves a hell lot of work. So I am confused why Tyra created a bad situation, with girls who are desperate to succeed, just to make the point of "girls getting into trouble over their desire for success"??...why not teach them about the steps to find that success, and desire to be, using what you do have and being more and chasing more and wanting more for yourself, because in terms of modeling not all models are tall giraffes and there is a thing called Print modeling, and talent agencies, modeling is not just high fashion. Most of all, telling someone they can't without asking "why do you want to be" is wrong.

I don't watch the show, it is past 5pm but based on the email and what I see on the Tyra Show website there are many reasons not to watch it, here are thoughts based on some questions that Tyra asks on her show:

Would you be willing to have a drunk driving scandal?

Would you hire a male escort?

And she forces people to judge themselves against other people asking:
Does your sex life match up to these guests?

Tyra creates issues on her show by asking eye poppin questions just for ratings sake it seems. I don't get it. I can't watch it.

And what is up with her terrible hair-in-the-face Twitter photo, she looks like a Glamour-model wanna be? I don't get her telling girls they can't be models, but then flaunting a photo like that? WTF please somebody anyone tell me what's up with this?

Michael Antonio Stiletto Run Fundraiser to Stop Child Trafficking

This is amazing, did you hear or run in the Michael Antonio Stiletto Run Fundraiser to Stop Child Trafficking that was on on Sunday, 9/27/09? 62nd Street , adjacent to Lincoln Center? Well you should have and hopefully in the future you will be there in your heels. It was rainy, it was a messy day to run in heels but the girls (and some guys) ran for a good cause and these photos are proof that a good pair of heels can get the job done and raise awareness of the perils of child trafficking!

I am hoping they do the run again! I will be there, rain or shine, and I am upset at myself for not being there!

America's Next Top Model Dance With Me podcast radio segment

ok, so Tyra disses Ashley for her dancer skills all the time, but yet tonight of ANTM cycle 13 it is all about dancing. Maybe Ashley will show them all, how dancing is actually a benefit for a model. Knowing movement, and your body is a helpful trait for a print model, especially a shorter model. Knowing your angles, how you look in a certain angle, how to look longer and leaner, -something dancers do is a benefit for a print model dealing with products and modeling for brands.

After the show tonight tune into my radio show segment on Model Talk Radio at 10:30pm EST for a recap of the Dance With Me episode.

Balancing on a beam and dancing in a cirus is rarely something you will do as a print model but tonight's ANTM cycle 13 episode is all about Cirque du Soleil and an inspired themed photo shoot. Should make for fun visuals, but girls, if you are short, don't overkill the eyes, hair, and circus theme, it is not something a print agency looks for. The guest judge is petite supermodel Josie Maran. See you later tonight at 10:30pm on Model Talk Radio, where there is no height requirement to model and shorter girls have the upper-hand.

petite modeling agencies don't exist try print modeling

A girl on facebook asked me about petite modeling: hey isobella, i'm becoming interested in the fashion industry and modeling world... are there any great petite modeling agencies you'd reccommend? where did you get started?

My reply:

instead of petite modeling focus on print modeling, shorter models can find opportunities working with print modeling agencies, the main things you need are a great headshot, a great full body shot showing your personality and smile, print agencies want to see more personality than a fashion agency would. You want to show you are on top of it and ... Read Morehave a compcard and mail it to the print agencies in the postal mail. Modeling as a shorter girl ALOT of work, there is no short cut, and it is pure hard work, but it is possible to find modeling jobs and work with an agency and self promotion is a major skill models need these days too. I can't suggest petite modeling agencies because most agencies do not have petite divisions, but print modeling, commercial print modeling, talent agencies are best to submit to through postal mail. P.s Don't ever pay to be on an agency website, and here are tips on skipping scams:

I got started by realizing the power of myself and being a self promoter, not being afraid to try, thinking about what my assets were, what I had that the modeling and advertising and editorial, and business of images and marketing could use, even skipping the middle man sometimes and approaching magazine editors, working with better photographers, trying to art direct my own shoots, trying to get my own work published, I really worked very hard. It is not a short cut thing at all, it takes time, years, opportunities only happy through pure work in modeling as a shorter girl.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Models are not defined as being one thing anymore.

Models are people that represent a brands or editorial concept; there are all sizes and types. Models are not defined as being one thing anymore. Watch commercials, look through lifestyle women's magazines, not all the girls are ten feet tall Giraffes and perfect looking. To me models are modeling everything from computers to nail-care, hair-care, coffee. A Model represents the image of a company, brand, to me “where there is a need for advertising and marketing’ there is a need for a model, she isn’t always a fashion model, in fact most of the time she isn’t.

A model isn't a model until she has modeled for something

Could be any height, could be plus size, or petite, could be any ethnicity. Models are not just one standard thing these days.

However, a model isn't a model until she has modeled for something. Modeling just your self doesn't make you a model. Being pretty doesn't mean you are a model. A model works with brands and products to sell the image or tell the story of the brand with their look or physical assets. They are all sizes and it is just the media that talks most of fashion, when actually print modeling, which covers a vast diversity of models, is the biggest area of the modeling business and advertising world.

Also, I think the Internet in many ways has dismayed and ruined the word model.


Nudity could be the next big thing for fashion eh?

A girl wrote on my Facebook Wall saying:
Hey Isobella- The other day you posted about nudity in fashion ads, and I came across this article in the Daily Mail last night I thought you might find interesting.

My wall-comment-reply:
Nudity could be the next big thing, but only if it is done in good taste. However nudity, just being nude for the sake of teasing the camera is not my favor. The article and the Vanity Fair cover I think is a style of nudity that is beautiful, Demi is loving herself and baby. When the female is nude and natural, especially black and white nudes, I love it. Is it marketable to modeling agencies? Well, only if it is done is good taste, has an editorial feet, and "parts modeling" involves the body and that is an area for petite's to pursue. Many girls take nudity to mean Playboy only, but nudity can be more than for a males interests. When the nude image is more about the male viewer's enticement than the female posing's happiness and content, I roll my eyes. My favorite type of nudity in magazines: I think fashion nudes are hot, hot, hot!

Do you have to put photographer credit on your compcard

A girl on Facebook asked me: When making your comp cards do we Put pictures with the photographers name or logo on them ? or just a clean pics?

My thoughts:

Sometimes too much text all over your card can make it look cluttered. You do not have to put photographer credit on each photo. It is not being rude to not put it, simply too many names all over your compcard can look very busy, when the focus of your compcard is suppose to be you. If you want to do it, do it, but don't feel you must. It is a kind gesture to give credit on your compcard of the photographers who took the photos, and if there is a certain photographers name you want to mention on the side of the photo you can, --but you do not have to do it.

Clean pics always look good.

Other compcard tips: Did you know do not have to put 4 photos on the back of your compcard? There is not a rule to follow when it comes to laying out your compcard and how to arrange photos, but just keep this in mind:

1. You don't want to over clutter your compcard with a collage on the back, you want it blunt and simple, shots that show the best of you. Even if it is just 2 photos on the back or one, it is better to show the best of you than

2. While you put the card together and think of what photos to use, think about the modeling jobs you want, and target your compcard in that direction, do you want to model for beauty, for skincare, for handbags, jeans, shoes, etc...

3. Your compcard is meant to show a potenical client that will hire you and agency that you CAN model, so be sure to be realistic, especially if you are petite, don't show too many "fashion" styled shots, keep it simple, print modeling is the area for shorter girls to pursue, and include at least one smile shot on the card.

4. Use a professional printing service. Printing through an amatuer website can lead to trouble, and also a professional service will give you the quality that will make you appear more professional to a modeling agency. You want to remember that what you show on your compcard represents the type of model you are and can be. So aim for quality, don't print at home, only go through a professional service. I use often. More options are also to the right side of this blog.

5. You do not need to have your photo, email, or web links on hte card. Don't do that. Just your name and stats are on your compcard. Here is why:

:) hope it helps,


Monday, October 5, 2009

Viktor and Rolf in WWD and Death Becomes Her

In this mornings WWD I noticed this orange corseted gown by Viktor & Rolf for the Spring 2010 Paris spring shows, reminds me of the movie Death Becomes Her, with Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn, when Goldie gets shot in the stomach and has a hole in her orange shirt and body!

Interesting, art.