Tuesday, September 8, 2009

what modeling agencies are you with?

A girl on Facebook sent me a message that read:

So I was wondering what agencies are you with?

My reply:
Well I am always with myself. Seriously I think self promotion is the best thing towards a girls modelig pursuits and her own will to try. The status of "being with" an agency is so played out. An agency is a wonderful part of my modeling pursuits but I don't think "someone is going to make my dreams happen", I always knew that the will of myself was what mattered most.

I "work" and "have modeled with" with CESD, PARTS Models often. Over the years I have also worked with Flaunt Models, R&L, Abrams, FFT, and many others. A shorter girl typically doesn't get "signed exclusive with" an agency, the 'signing' happens only with fashion agencies typically. But shorter girls can work with print agencies without the exclusive contract and actually being "free" to promote myself the way I want has been a lot of work, but if I was tall, I'd have a 3 year contract with an agency and who knows if they could get me the work anyways. I have worked what I do have, focused on getting ahead by using my assets, not dwelling on what I don't have.

If you are a new model, new to this model-stuff then you should aim high but also be realistic and understand that it might take experience to get in the door with the bigger agencies. Even in print modeling it can be tough.

So the whole "who are you with thing" is , really to me, about being for and "with" yourself and knowing how to market what you've got so you can claim more, work more, and get better at it, with better opportunities and modeling jobs.

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