Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What are you really modeling?

Time and time again I get questions from a shorter model about how to contact and agency, how to create more marketable photos, how to become a model when she is short. Today I was on my Myspace and noticed a girl who had asked me many questions about modeling was back to showing off her half naked photos on the web? Bad ones too.

I wondered: Did she give up? Did she settle? What is she really modeling?

Maybe she expected this modeling thing to be easy and just thought oh well I want to focus on my ego instead? But to me, just showing off yourself for the sake of your ego: that is not modeling.

Before you have your photo taken, before you flaunt these images on social websites, think to your self: What are you really modeling?

Is it just yourself? Is the image you are showing just for the sake of getting a comment on your social site??

Modeling must become more than just about "you showing off your photos" to get real modeling work. Many girls think sex appeal and glamour is more fun, but honestly that stuff only lasts so long, soon reality kicks in: What makes you a model? What have you modeled? What are you really modeling?

If you are not modeling for a product, purpose, or aiming to do so then you are not modeling.

It does take work to work as a model, and expect the work it takes. :) Keep striving.

It is best to create marketable photos, and present yourself in a professional manner to agencies with a mailed comp card and to continue to market yourself in ways that WILL get you ahead.

It is easy to whip off your shirt, or cock your head with attitude, but before you do so ask yourself: What am I modeling?

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