Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tyra misleads the short girls to Wilhelmenia Models

Tyra mentioned on the first episode of America's Next Top Model cycle 13 that Wilhelmina Models works with models of all heights and the winner of this cycle will get a contract with the agency. However, Tyra is misleading girls to think Wilhelmina actually does represent petite models. In fact on Wilhelmina's website it bluntly states that Wilhelmina does NOT have a Petite Models Division.

Maybe one day they will have a petite divsion, and maybe change is on it's way.

Right now it reads:
Under "Submit Photos" to the agency the question "What types of models do you represent?" is answered. It reads,"At Wilhelmina we represent different types of professional models, in almost every age, size and ethnicity. We limit ourselves to a specific amount of models in each catagory. The height requirement for female models is 5'8" and above."

Tyra, this is annoying, please STOP misleading the shorter aspiring models!

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