Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tyra is NOT doing a revolutionary thing for models

Word up. Tyra is NOT doing a revolutionary thing for shorter models. Being a petite model is no new news to me. Shorter models have modeled for ads and magazines and in commercials long before her show and will long after. Maybe not on a runway but shorter models HAVE in deed been in ads and commercials modeling lifestyle products. It's nice to see her "include them" but she not starting a revolution. Fashion might always hate the short chicks, but print modeling welcomes them and if you are ambitious and know how to market yourself you can find opportunity, with or without ANTM. I will be giving commentary on the short chicks for cycle 13, will I be giving commentary on cycle 14? No. I support the short chicks. Remember not winning Tyra's crown is not the end all.

More insight on the reality for the short models here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/isobellajade/2009/09/17/Americas-Next-Top-Model-cycle-13-recap-episode-2

I wish the show would share the real work and marketing and the hands-on side of being a model. For a shorter girl especially, modeling is not a business about open call and being discovered, modeling is more about self-marketing and knowing how to market the assets you have. She misses this part of modeling.


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