Saturday, September 5, 2009

Top 5 Spots for Models in NYC - printing, portfolios, research, computers

1. The Apple store of course! The Apple Store on Prince Street was where I wrote my modeling memoir Almost 5'4", when I didn't have a computer and was striving as a model. I had given up my apartment and was using the store as my office. Of course the 5th Ave Store rocks and 14th Street and 9th but Prince Street to me is a second home.

2. Adorama. The store 42 West 18th Street (Between 5th & 6th Ave.'s)
New York, NY 10011, is great and the website is as well for printing prints for your model portfolio.

3. Art Stores and Photography Stores to buy portfolios.
I like the Prat brand portfolios 9.5 by 12.5 to hold portfolio images of 9" x 11". I've bought them at Lee's Art Shop.
220 West 57th Street 2nd. Floor
Between 7th Ave. and Broadway
NEW YORK, NY 10019

B&H Photo, 420 9th Ave, (9th Ave between 33rd st and 34th st) to buy a portfolio. I have bought portfolios here for $100 or less.

Also try at 48 West 21st Street (6th Floor)
New York, N.Y. 10010

4. Compcard and Headshot Printing in NYC:
And of course
Although the internet is great, if you have the option to make your compcard in person, do it, regardless of whether you use a service like or walk into a printing studio, make sure you ALWAYS see the proof in person or have it mailed to you, so you can in person, physically, hold it in your hand and see the colors and how the card looks. Colors can look different when shown on the computer screen so ALWAYS see a proof before you approve it. Also feel the card stock and look for quality in the printing you use, your comp card represents you as the best of you so make sure you are selective and comfortable when printing your card.

5. Bookstores. Go to book stores and look in the magazine sections, look in all types of magazines, from travel, to fitness, etc. Notice that the models used in many different types of magazines are not all tall and fashion models. Notice the energy, smiles, expressions and personality seen in magazine ads, and editorials, not just fashion magazines.

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Alexandra soto-cabrera said...

my name is Alexandra and I would give anything to be a model, I love to take pictures and I have a strong confidence and like to have fun. Modeling has been one of my biggiest dreams and I am short but I still really want this.