Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Should I create a model website?

A girl sent me a message through Youtube that read:
"Do you think I should create my own modeling website? If so how do I professionally market my website other than on my compcard?"

My reply:

I don't think the web is the best place to market yourself as a model. It is way more professional and you will be taken more seriously if you get a professional modeling compcard made and mail it by postal mail to print modeling agencies. That is how I got in the door with any agencies at all. I had to mail by postal mail my compcard. A girl can't model without a compcard. That is number 1. The Internet is a scam most of the time. Beware. Expecting to be discovered on the web, or through a website is a misleading mindset. So becareful and skeptical before you join a social model site, (Scams) and becareful how you present yourself on the internet, you could damange your pursuits before they start.

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