Saturday, September 26, 2009

Short Models Getting the Most Out of Your Inches-BuddyTV

Here is an excerpt of my insight on BuddyTV on America's Next Top Model cycle 13 and the topic of how to LOOK taller in photos.

"This week was all about standing tall, on the runway and in front of the camera. The girls faced their runway challenge with pride, even after learning they would have to walk with giraffe models. Sundai especially surprised me with her confident take-no-sh*t expression. Overall, they succeeded: no one fell, and everyone worked it, though Ashley didn't have as much attitude as I hoped, and Erin needs a lesson walking in heels. Not all made the cut according to Miss J and the editor of Seventeen, Ann Shocket. Ann chose Brittany as having the best walk, but I didn't think her walk was all that. Was I the only one who noticed Brittany almost stepping on the tall girl she walked with down the runway?"

Read my tips on how to appear taller here and my perspective on the petite cycle of ANTM:

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