Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Short girl writes from facebook about

I received this message from Facebook about Tyra's misleading insight on Wilhelmina:

"Hi Isobella, I'm a 22 year-old aspiring model only 5'2. I was watching the new cycle of ANTM (short girls) then went to because i heard Tyra say they work with all models of different shapes and sizes. But once I got to the website, it informed me the females have to be 5'8 and up. So that was out of the question. So I just decided to google petite models and the first link that came up besides was your blogspot link. So I pulled it up, listening to you podcast and found it very helpful and informative. Never heard anyone be so supportive and stand up for us little people lol. I've been modeling for the past 4 years and it hasn't been easy, especially because of my location which is Detroit. Nothing at ALL going on productive this way Everybody is fake fb models and if their not that, they are professional models but taking pics that would put playboy to shame lol. So im going to take your advice, get me some comp cards and send them to the agencies that you recomended and see where it goes. Im very serious about starting my career and im going to focus on taking pics on a more commercial/print level. Thanks a bunch again for the advice, you truely have inspired me and im looking forward to hearing more:) Take care and wish you the best!"

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