Friday, September 25, 2009

Self marketing is key for short models

Short models have to be even more energetic and positive about their pursuits.
It takes a lot of self-effort to get ahead. There is not short-cut and if you think self promotion on the Internet is enough you are totally mislead. A shorter girl has to focus on making the best photos possible that show off her assets. Not just her ass. The photos have to come off to look "as if" you are a model who can model products, and have a natural way of working with them. Including a smile, a product such as a handbag, or making the shots look like an ad for a lifestyle product, a hair ad, jewelry, ect. Items every day people use is best. You want to show the print agency that YOU CAN MODEL, that you have personality and use that personality within your photos. Show off that smile, show you are more than just a pretty face, body,etc, but that you know your assets, you know that beyond height you can model for product ads and editorials in magazines. It is not easy. It is extremely hard, it takes time, effort, and energy, mostly a positive attitude. Rejection is Modeling's best friend so be prepared for massive rejection, but hold on to and believe in what you DO have, focus on what you CAN offer the industry, it might not be your height for the runway, but did you know leg models are not all tall? I have leg modeled for many major brands, and I am the tiniest girl in the room.

Show you can, believe in you and they will believe it.


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