Monday, September 28, 2009

Photo tips for short models

A photo concept might be cool, but that doesn't mean a modeling agency will like the image of you. For print modeling it is better to stick to natural looks and not trying "so hard" to pose, too much posing is actually a bad thing in print modeling sometimes. Being "more natural" -bringing a smile to your photos, can help you attract an agency as a shorter model.

Many times shorter girls take off their shirt before using their smile, their energy, personality, and before stopping to think what can I "really model." And asking themselves " How can I use what I have to get ahead."

In any pursuit in life using what you DO have and marketing it will help you get ahead. The same with modeling. When you are preparing to make a compcard and submit photos to agencies here are some things to consider:

1. Does this shot have a commercial print modeling feel? (Print agencies are best to send photos to as a shorter girl and a print agency will actually be turned off by your half naked photos or too fashion posed photos, they actually want to see your smile and energy more than you ass.) Unless the shot looks like a product ad for skincare, a catalog shot for lingerie, or something with a product ad feel, don't shoot it or send it to an agency.

2. Do your shots only show skin, or show smiles? Showing your energy and personality might sound corny but actually print modeling agencies, and talent agencies want to use your energy, smile, and personality. The real you. And they will market you as someone who can model for lifestyle products and many of print models are not all tall but they do show their smile in their photos.

3. Are you photos taken with good lighting and with a professional. It is worth it to invest in yourself if you are serious about modeling and getting a modeling agency to work WITH you. Modeling as a shorter girl is a self-made pursuit many times and it is a self marketing, self promotion type of pursuit. You have to becareful who you let photograph you. You have to be careful the way you market yourself, and aim high. It is easy to be called hot on the Internet, but is that really modeling??? To me. It is not. You are not a model until you are modeling for something, a product, a national magazine, and showing your look and personality and even your smile, and positive appeal can be used to model for brands, ads, campaigns, and mags.

Ok, one more thing. When you are shooting think about who will see the shots and ask yourself. Would I hire me? Would you hire yourself to model for a certain brand, for the magazine, would I call myself back if I was the agent? If you want to model for skincare, beauty, and accessories and lifestyle products and do print modeling, you have to think of perfecting your photos,---*** because what you show, is what people will think you can do. If your photos are not easy on the eye, have a print modeling appeal, if they do not represent someone who can work in the print modeling world and do not bringing out the best of your assets (no matter your height). Then you most likely will not get a call back.

Modeling is more than showing off. It is showing you can model for something.

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