Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finding photographers the right way

Although the Internet might be the most obvious way to research and mingle with photographers, it is not. You will only find amatuer photographers.
Not professionals.

I was discussing how to find a professional photographer with a girl on Facebook, her message was:
How would I be able to look up photographers in my area without using the internet?

My reply:

Print modeling is very different than fashion modeling and as a print model it will be up to you to find a photographer, create a comp card and market yourself to agencies and there will be a constant growth going on of improving your photos for the years to come over and over again with a better headshot, a new comp card and portfolio photos.

You want to find a photographer who has a photography business. It will involve research. Typically, real professional photographers who know the craft are typically not promoting themselves on the web and not mingling with aspiring models. They are much too busy working on real projects, with real clients and models.

Professional have a real photography business and understand the craft of photography and photography is their career not just because they have the money to afford photography equipment (although these days photography equipment is cheaper and more and more amatuers are out there)  but because it's their sole income. A professional knows lighting and the craft of photography.

You want to work with someone who understands the modeling industry, who understands print modeing and understands the photos you need.

A photographer that shoots headshots might be a good start, examples:

But also don't expect to get what you want for free. Just like investing in any passion, it takes money to make money and working with a professional will involve paying for their photography services.

It's an investment to get what you need and you want to be careful when choosing a photographer.

Being aware of the photos you need can prevent scams and wasted time so make sure you are aware of the basic print modeling photos you need examples.

Some girls without a budge might think TFP type photoshoots will be okay but most of the time these lead you with nothing marketable to really work with agencies and get real modeling work.  Always think of your goals and be sure that the photos you are producing are fitting towards them.  If you do not have the funds for at least a professional headshot then wait and do not pursue modeling until you have funds to invest in the photos you need to make a comp card.

Mainly keep in mind that amatuer-ville is on the web. In this Internet-age you have to be more careful than ever to find a professional and only a professional. It is real work to find professional sometimes. It's however, worth it.

It is better to aim high, prepare the shots you need to best market yourself, take your time, then rush and don't get crappy photos that will not market you towards your goals.  Think about your modeling goals and make sure they are realistically ambitious and make sure your photography understands what print modeling is if you are under 5'9" or 5'10".

Doing a test shoot with a professional photographer could bring you shots that will benefit your modeling goals but be honest about them and the photos you are in need of. A photography school student might work for a headshot if you have a small budget.

The higher you aim the more you get.
I hope this helps,

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