Wednesday, September 30, 2009

modeling when your short is a lot of work

I recently replied to a message through my website by telling a girl this about the challenges of being a short model:

Modeling is a lot of work. It is dedication and there is nothing wrong with being passionate about something but you should always pursue realistically. Being short makes modeling harder but only if you are trying to work in fashion. Models are used for many different types of product ads, campaigns and commercials.

I suggest getting very professional headshots and beauty shots and shots that show your personality. And show that can model products, such as shoes, haircare, skincare, accessories, jewerly, cell phones, show that you can model lifestyle products that are not so fashion forward. Try to work with aspiring brands who might need a model to build some experience before approaching modeling agencies and approach print modeling agencies not fashion ones for better results.

Having some experience as a model, working with professional photographers helped my pursuits. Things could have gone downward, bad, if I didn’t realize that I could use what I do have and get ahead. Many girls give up before they start, or they live an amateur modeling life.

Marketing yourself is very hard. Believing in your self is a huge part of any success in life. So believe in you, focus on what you can offer the modeling and advertising business and strive to produce photos that represent what you CAN realistically model.

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