Friday, September 4, 2009

Model Tips on short dresses to get those long legs

An aspiring model in Philadelphia asked me: "I was wondering if I should use short dresses and skirts for my advantage when I shoot because I am short, I am 5'2"?"

My thoughts:
Wearing a denim skirt or dress that is 6-8inches should be fine, above in the knee skirts are fine too, but don't go slutty with it. It is easy to quickly make a hot mini look trashy if your pose is too glamour-ish, stick to making your shots show your personality with energy and happy expressions. You could apply "the walking" appeal when you do the shoot. Walk and smile while wearing the skirt/dress, something that simple, maybe with a handbag on your shoulder, can look very nice. Similar the image above, keep it up beat, commercial print styled, and full of energy. Sitting at the edge of a couch can make your legs look longer, and bending your knee and creating space between your limbs can make you look longer. Observe the images above and create something that shows you have nice legs for skincare, shoe ads, and commercial products and apply your personality. Don't make it too stiff, no pouts, no hard looks, fresh, happy, catalog, up beat energy is what you want to show while wearing a skirt.

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