Thursday, September 24, 2009

Isobella on ANTM cycle 13 recap #3 here

Here is an excerpt from my recap of America's Next Top Model cycle 13 last night, the runway challenge on

Instead of the "You wanna be on top" theme song, the song of the night should have been Run DMC and Aerosmith's "Walk This Way."

Never too much self analyzing.

The show starts with Bianca admitting she needs to focus on modeling her facial features and creating a more relaxed presence in her photos. Ashley mentions how nervous she is about walking because of her dancer background. I think Ashley's dancer background is actually a benefit. Haven't you seen many dancers in ads and in commercials? I have even seen a girl dancing in the air in a tampon ad, ads for music brands and clothing. Also understanding your body, knowing how it moves, what it looks like when you move, understanding balance and proportion is a good skill for models to have. I just don't see the flaw in her dancer background. I wish Tyra would show the other girls how using other skills can be applied to modeling.

Read the whole recap here:

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