Monday, September 28, 2009

Handbag modeling winner is Lauren

Lifestyle is in. You will notice in more ads and commercials the models are not all tall and oh-so-perfect, you will notice how these days in many ad campaigns the models are more humanistic, more approachable, and not so model-esque. More normal.

For my handbag modeling challenge on Facebook, it was the energy I wanted to see. Your smile and energy alone can get you in the door with a print modeling agency. Show your smile, show your face, don't cake on the makeup, show the real YOU. The real YOU is actually what the print modeling world wants to see.

Shorter models should strive to be print models, to work with a commercial print modeling agency. These agencies want to see that you have life in you. Spirit. Energy, which can be applid to product ads.

And no matter what you see in the media or on reality TV shows about modeling, Modeling Is Work. It is all about knowing how to market yourself. You could be the most beautiful girl but if you don't show what the agency wants to see ahead of time then it is harder to get in the door. I had to make my own compcards, craft my own photos, even art direct my photo shoots to get the shots I needed, I had to find professional photographers, mail agencies, try again, and over again. It is work. Modeling when you are short is very hands-on. It is also about the will you have and how you use it. How much you try.

I received all the submissions to my handbag challenge and although the winner's photos are not professionally taken, they were taken on her web cam, they still show the type of energy a print modeling agency would want to see and the collage actually looks like an ad campaign of sorts.

Congrats Lauren, you will a copy of Almost 5'4", my modeling memoir.


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