Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Do you have a model compcard? You should

Hey Girls,

A comp card is what gets you in the door with modeling agencies, it is your mini-resume as a model compiled with 4-5 images and here is more on the model marketing tools.

A comp card is a model's life line.

To reach out to the modeling agencies you need to already have a comp card prepared.

It is what you use to introduce yourself to the agency. And it is what you use when you go to castings.

You might get the opportunity to work non-exclusive with a print modeling agency if you are petite, but that doesn't mean the agency is handing you a career. No YOU hand yourself your chance and opportunity and you get it by being prepared.

There is nothing compared to a compcard at a casting. Even in this digital age.

It is important to ALWAYS have a compcard. An agency likes you know you are prepared, ready and you come off more professional, more capable of the job and more experienced (which is a good thing) when you do.

I actually have two different types of comp cards: I have a parts compcard and commercial print more personality based compcard with beauty shots and close ups, full body and smiles, energy seen on the card.

If I have a casting for hands, shoes, legs, body, etc, I bring my parts card, if the casting is for print ad, ex: a cell phone company, and will involve a model's full body and face smiling or showing expression, then I will bring my commercial print card. I have had to learn how to best market what I have and different compcards can be needed to target different modeling jobs.

Having a website, social site profile, Facebook, is not a model Comp Card.

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You need an actual physical comp card you hold in your hand to model. Like a painter needs a portfolio of work to show a gallery, you need professional photos printed on a professional comp card to submit to the agency.

Most of the time commercial print modeling agencies DO NOT work with models without comp cards, and usually they do not make compcards for the models they work within, they do not pay for the expense in commercial print modeling, therefore you DO have to make your own, and should consider getting one if you plan to take modeling seriously. So get used to the hands-on, self-investment that goes on when it comes to working as a self-made model.

Here is a previous post based on making your own comp card and why you should while working non-exclusive with modeling agencies.

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