Tuesday, September 1, 2009

creating your own modeling photos with products- photo tips

A girl on Facebook asked me:
Hey Isobella I am trying to set up a shoot with a photographer for my Comp cards...Say I am taking a pic for a magizine shot do I have him make the pic look like a magazine cover with the words or just have a clean picture? Do I take pics with the product on my comp cards, like shampoo or makeup??? I want to get this pictures right and follow in your foot steps...You are really a big help i been listening and reading your blogs...You are a blessing...You need your own TV show...You help me learn sooo much...I always wanted to model but everyone is like you are to short...I want to do more then have pretty pictures on the internet...

My reply:

I'm glad my tips help. While it is good to create photos that look like ads, you never want to make a fake ad for something or a fake magazine cover. You just want to show good quality and a shot that looks "as if" you could be in an ad for something, so that when an agency sees your comp card, or a casting director sees it they will think "ok, she can model, she would be good for our ad, editorial, shoot, etc". A clean photo with you modeling a product is fine, no logo, or product name should be seen. For a couple reasons:

1. What if in the photo you have Pantene shampoo in the shot but you end up going to a casting later for V05, brands typically don't want to work with a model who has appeared to have worked with a brand of the same category. So showing a brand in your shot can actually hurt you. Same with handbags, you just want to show a plain black bag, or colored bag (brown, etc) nothing with a logo.
2. If you have a marketing contact at a brand, say you know the marketing director at a shoe company, then in that case you could show a photo of yourself modeling in their brand of shoes and show them to shots. But for a compcard, approaching agencies and when expected to go to castings to get booked by different brands, and as a new model with out a lot of experience you do not want to present photos that could hurt your chances.

Here is a post today of myself modeling handbags, you will see there is no logo but it is a shot obviously well done showing I can model handbags.

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