Monday, September 28, 2009

Compcards and short models

A girl recently told me she wants to model. She is only using the Internet and social sites currently. This is a setup for mistakes. If you want to model you have to make a compcard at a professional printing service, you have to postal mail your compcards to the agency, it takes time, energy, work. The Internet-age is not the end all in fact it is the wrong way to promote yourself as a model usually.

Without a physical professional compcard u can not model. If you do not have ur marketing tools u can not get ahead. Stamps, Envelopes, Postal Mail ur compcards!

It is better to put 2 great photos on your compcard than 5 random ones that do not benefit you and where you want to go. Let your compcard say where you are going and what you are capable of. One of the biggest mistakes girls make is relying on the Internet too much and thinking it will be their main marketing tool. Not so. You must mail your photos to print modeling agencies. People, agents, still want to hold photos in their hands, they want to see your compcard in their hands not in an email.

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