Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can a model work without experience with brands?

A guy recently asked me about eye modeling and a girl recently asked me about hand modeling. No matter what you want to model, showing in your photos that you can is best. If you want to be a hand model, get some shots of you modeling products like a... wine glass, hold a pen, wearing rings. Eye modeling for a guy: look at ads for glasses, skincare, shaving, even contact lenses even need models!

A girl commented on this blog recently asking:
I submitted for a hand modeling job today that has a experience requirement. I was instructed to submit pictures of hand modeling jobs but I dont have job paying experience, however I do have shots taken of me showing my hands, like holding a wine glass, holding a lemon and 3/4 shot of me with my hand placed on a wall with a ring. I had submitted on actorsaccess a croped picture of my hand holding a cell phone. I got a quick response which is very rare so I had submitted of what I got.
Have you submitted for work that you didn't have actual brand experience.

My reply:
You totally did the right thing. If you want to model for something the best thing to do is show you can in your photos. Even without experience you can show you can handle the job. So yes you can get modeling jobs with brands without experience and how you get that job is by creating photos that prove you can do it. Casting directors, and photographers, agencies, etc are going to review photos and think:
"who fits the idea,concept, look, that we have for this job best?"

I think the reason you got a reponse without experience is because "your photo showed the casting director, client, photographer, agent, etc" a shot that shows your hand naturally and fits the look they were going for. I stress to models to submit photos to agencies and to bring photos to castings that represent a similar vibe to what the job is looking for. If you just sent a poor taken photo of your hand you might not have heard back, but you went that extra step and submitted shots that showed you CAN hand model a product. This is what a model should do when submitting to modeling agencies as well. Submit photos that say I CAN model. (Important Side Note: When you submit electronically always Google and research the brand, casting company, etc, make sure it is legit!) Go girl! -Isobella

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