Thursday, September 17, 2009

BuddyTV Tyra's No Revolutionary! (Thoughts on ANTM Cycle 13 Ep.2)

My petite perspective on Buddy TV excerpt:
"The girl who stood out on the horse was Lulu, who looked graceful with her calm and coy expression--the final shot looked like a jewelry ad. Laura seemed very comfortable half naked, but the whole point of being nude on the horse to me was ridiculous. It didn't teach the girls anything about working with animals and props, and the outfits were just too slutty. I doubt any of the girls will be able to use the photos for their modeling pursuits after they get kicked off the show."

"...Shorter models are more likely to work as print models, and while it is not a daily thing, print models do sometimes end up working with animals. I am not sure that Tyra was thinking of how posing with a horse could help a print model, but the idea of working with an animal, product or even posing and modeling with another model is an element of modeling that shorter girls should know about."

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