Monday, September 7, 2009

ANTM cycle 13 short model intros

First, what the F is she wearing? Why did Tyra do this to her? Oh jeez. All the girls on their intro videos have some weird fabric on? Cinderella after midnight?

This is Sundai, if you watch ANTM you should know her because she is the shortest one of cycle 13 at 5'3' and a half. Still without my heels she is taller than me! Why Tyra didn't put some real short chicks on there, is beyond me.

Based on the videos Jennifer, Ashley, although not what I consider petite, stood out for me as go-getters and I'll be keeping an eye out. As for Jennifers poopin, modeling involves a lot of waiting at shoots so I hope she can hold "it".

I think ANTM leaves the contestants screwed in the end, and especially for a "short series" I feel that the girls will leave the show and still be unable to market what they have. The thing is Tyra didn't have to "market herself as one" from day one, ...a shorter girl has a totally different world than fashion.

Many of the girls said they didn't think they had a chance modeling until the show casted short girls, mmm, well there is more to modeling than fashion, and if you are short and only trying to get in the door at Ford models then yes you will have issues. Many shorter girls miss the commercial print modeling thing, which can be their entrance. It is hard to run with a bunch of fashion model Giraffes but there is opportunity to be a model if you are short, it is found in commercial print modeling and the more you market the assets you DO have, that can be used towards modeling products and brands the easier it will be for you to get ahead.

Also, as a petite model, opportunities doesn't find you, You find the opportunity, a girl needs to make her own compcard and put together her own portfolio and mail her compcard to print agencies. They are out there. It is work, but it is possible to find an agency to work with. I have, you can. However, there is a lot of hands on behind the scenes work a shorter girl attains to.

After the show premiere September 9th, stop my by my radio show on and hear my petite perspective on all the contestants.


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