Tuesday, September 1, 2009

America's Next Top Model-being a top model means?

Yup. No Doubt. I have issues with America's Next Top Model. But since cycle 13 is for the shorties and since I support the shorter models, I will be watching.

However I just want to say: if you lose America's Next Top Model, or get kicked off, life does go on! :) There have been models modelin without America's Next Top Model, before it and after it there will be models still modeling with brands.

Tonight while watching cycle 12 Finale, for the last ten minutes I notice how much Tyra says the word "I". "I think" "I feel" etc. But what about how the models feel?

I listen to the judges say "You know how I feel about ___so and so___ model." It is negative.

And it is so dramatic when Tyra shows the photo of the girls who are going on to the next level (whatever that is) and chance to be America's Next Top Model.

Maybe let the girls be who they are. Who they want to be.
Tyra says, "you look too commercial" You are not fashion enough." Well what if the girl could end up being a great commercial print model,-no matter her height??

Why doesn't Tyra mention enough of how each is selectively able to get ahead? The girls end up crying their eyes out and end up being really distraught, like the show likes that these girls are crying?

Crying isn't the answer, they want to make the show hyped but still, I wish the girls were asked: So what are you doing to do when you lose ANTM? Whats next for you?
What if you don't win and you are not in Tyra's favor?

What does it mean to be a top model? What happened to just "working as a model with real brands and making real money and working with real agencies?" I reality show like ANTM makes it seem like the end all if you do not get picked to be on the TOP M. (Shaking my head)

P.s: Way too many blunt in your face, obvious, product placement, like BriteSmile.

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