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LATIMES Petite model, Isobella Jade, on ANTM and how shorties can make it as models:

Whoo hoo got this feature in the LA TIMES today:

'America's Next Top Model': Petite model, Isobella Jade, on ANTM and how shorties can make it as models:

On Pint-Size Model Isobella Jade On How To Make The Most Of Your Teeny Stature

Petite Model Isobella Jade gives insight and tips and insight towards how a shorter girl can look longer in photos.

Tip # 1. Know your body and what you’re working with. Before you get in front of the camera, take a look in the mirror. You can look five to ten pounds slimmer and lighter by simply turning your body at an angle. For other short-girl-look-longer-in-photo-tips stop by

modeling when your short is a lot of work

I recently replied to a message through my website by telling a girl this about the challenges of being a short model:

Modeling is a lot of work. It is dedication and there is nothing wrong with being passionate about something but you should always pursue realistically. Being short makes modeling harder but only if you are trying to work in fashion. Models are used for many different types of product ads, campaigns and commercials.

I suggest getting very professional headshots and beauty shots and shots that show your personality. And show that can model products, such as shoes, haircare, skincare, accessories, jewerly, cell phones, show that you can model lifestyle products that are not so fashion forward. Try to work with aspiring brands who might need a model to build some experience before approaching modeling agencies and approach print modeling agencies not fashion ones for better results.

Having some experience as a model, working with professional photographers helped my pursuits. Things could have gone downward, bad, if I didn’t realize that I could use what I do have and get ahead. Many girls give up before they start, or they live an amateur modeling life.

Marketing yourself is very hard. Believing in your self is a huge part of any success in life. So believe in you, focus on what you can offer the modeling and advertising business and strive to produce photos that represent what you CAN realistically model.

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Isobella Jade on tonight's Radio Happy Hour LIVE

9/29/09 tonight 9pm EST, speaking on Dr.Blogstein's Happy Hour on, tune in if you can no matter where you live.

Just Twittered: Tiny model @IsobellaJade and singer @kimcameron on tonight's Radio Happy Hour LIVE.

Tune in to listen here at 9pm EST but with Internet radio, podcasting, you can listen anytime, 24/7 if you happen to miss it, no matter what time zone:

Should I create a model website?

A girl sent me a message through Youtube that read:
"Do you think I should create my own modeling website? If so how do I professionally market my website other than on my compcard?"

My reply:

I don't think the web is the best place to market yourself as a model. It is way more professional and you will be taken more seriously if you get a professional modeling compcard made and mail it by postal mail to print modeling agencies. That is how I got in the door with any agencies at all. I had to mail by postal mail my compcard. A girl can't model without a compcard. That is number 1. The Internet is a scam most of the time. Beware. Expecting to be discovered on the web, or through a website is a misleading mindset. So becareful and skeptical before you join a social model site, (Scams) and becareful how you present yourself on the internet, you could damange your pursuits before they start.

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I love Victoria's Secret panties but Model Search?

You Could Be a Victoria’s Secret Runway Model! If you're 5'8"! :(

Ok, so NY MAG featured an article on Victoria's Secret having a Model Search, so I think it is so cool that Victoria's Secret is offering a girl a chance to walk in the Victoria's Secret runway show on CBS this December. The Victoria's Secret Runway Model Search is thoughtful and all but you have to be 5'8" barefoot to enter or even show up.

On the website to enter, it reads: "Entrants must be 18-30 years of age, 5’8’’ or taller in bare feet and come ready to pose and walk in your swimwear and high heels."

Are they just saying this to scare the short girls or do you think a few will show up?

What the heck, that means all the agency girls from Ford, Elite, etc can show up but the girls who are shorter can't?

That sucks,


I am on Dr. Blogstein's Happy Hour on Blogtalkradio Tuesday 9PM ET

Meet me 9pm on Dr. BlogStein's Happy Hour on for a fun chat about books, modeling as one of the shortest girls out there, going to the Emmys, and much more. Tuesday, September 29th, 9pm baby!

Right here to tune in:

Compcards and short models

A girl recently told me she wants to model. She is only using the Internet and social sites currently. This is a setup for mistakes. If you want to model you have to make a compcard at a professional printing service, you have to postal mail your compcards to the agency, it takes time, energy, work. The Internet-age is not the end all in fact it is the wrong way to promote yourself as a model usually.

Without a physical professional compcard u can not model. If you do not have ur marketing tools u can not get ahead. Stamps, Envelopes, Postal Mail ur compcards!

It is better to put 2 great photos on your compcard than 5 random ones that do not benefit you and where you want to go. Let your compcard say where you are going and what you are capable of. One of the biggest mistakes girls make is relying on the Internet too much and thinking it will be their main marketing tool. Not so. You must mail your photos to print modeling agencies. People, agents, still want to hold photos in their hands, they want to see your compcard in their hands not in an email.

models are needed for more than fashion.

Models are more than fashion models
Models are more than half naked girls
Models are more than just on the runway
Models are more than just perfect
Models are more than tall people
Models are more than fashion

Handbag modeling winner is Lauren

Lifestyle is in. You will notice in more ads and commercials the models are not all tall and oh-so-perfect, you will notice how these days in many ad campaigns the models are more humanistic, more approachable, and not so model-esque. More normal.

For my handbag modeling challenge on Facebook, it was the energy I wanted to see. Your smile and energy alone can get you in the door with a print modeling agency. Show your smile, show your face, don't cake on the makeup, show the real YOU. The real YOU is actually what the print modeling world wants to see.

Shorter models should strive to be print models, to work with a commercial print modeling agency. These agencies want to see that you have life in you. Spirit. Energy, which can be applid to product ads.

And no matter what you see in the media or on reality TV shows about modeling, Modeling Is Work. It is all about knowing how to market yourself. You could be the most beautiful girl but if you don't show what the agency wants to see ahead of time then it is harder to get in the door. I had to make my own compcards, craft my own photos, even art direct my photo shoots to get the shots I needed, I had to find professional photographers, mail agencies, try again, and over again. It is work. Modeling when you are short is very hands-on. It is also about the will you have and how you use it. How much you try.

I received all the submissions to my handbag challenge and although the winner's photos are not professionally taken, they were taken on her web cam, they still show the type of energy a print modeling agency would want to see and the collage actually looks like an ad campaign of sorts.

Congrats Lauren, you will a copy of Almost 5'4", my modeling memoir.


Photo tips for short models

A photo concept might be cool, but that doesn't mean a modeling agency will like the image of you. For print modeling it is better to stick to natural looks and not trying "so hard" to pose, too much posing is actually a bad thing in print modeling sometimes. Being "more natural" -bringing a smile to your photos, can help you attract an agency as a shorter model.

Many times shorter girls take off their shirt before using their smile, their energy, personality, and before stopping to think what can I "really model." And asking themselves " How can I use what I have to get ahead."

In any pursuit in life using what you DO have and marketing it will help you get ahead. The same with modeling. When you are preparing to make a compcard and submit photos to agencies here are some things to consider:

1. Does this shot have a commercial print modeling feel? (Print agencies are best to send photos to as a shorter girl and a print agency will actually be turned off by your half naked photos or too fashion posed photos, they actually want to see your smile and energy more than you ass.) Unless the shot looks like a product ad for skincare, a catalog shot for lingerie, or something with a product ad feel, don't shoot it or send it to an agency.

2. Do your shots only show skin, or show smiles? Showing your energy and personality might sound corny but actually print modeling agencies, and talent agencies want to use your energy, smile, and personality. The real you. And they will market you as someone who can model for lifestyle products and many of print models are not all tall but they do show their smile in their photos.

3. Are you photos taken with good lighting and with a professional. It is worth it to invest in yourself if you are serious about modeling and getting a modeling agency to work WITH you. Modeling as a shorter girl is a self-made pursuit many times and it is a self marketing, self promotion type of pursuit. You have to becareful who you let photograph you. You have to be careful the way you market yourself, and aim high. It is easy to be called hot on the Internet, but is that really modeling??? To me. It is not. You are not a model until you are modeling for something, a product, a national magazine, and showing your look and personality and even your smile, and positive appeal can be used to model for brands, ads, campaigns, and mags.

Ok, one more thing. When you are shooting think about who will see the shots and ask yourself. Would I hire me? Would you hire yourself to model for a certain brand, for the magazine, would I call myself back if I was the agent? If you want to model for skincare, beauty, and accessories and lifestyle products and do print modeling, you have to think of perfecting your photos,---*** because what you show, is what people will think you can do. If your photos are not easy on the eye, have a print modeling appeal, if they do not represent someone who can work in the print modeling world and do not bringing out the best of your assets (no matter your height). Then you most likely will not get a call back.

Modeling is more than showing off. It is showing you can model for something.

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Went to see Fame the movie

Went to see Fame, the movie last night. It was cute but some parts were a bit corny, but I did cry when Naturi Naughton sang at the piano. Covering my tears with my hair.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Short Models Getting the Most Out of Your Inches-BuddyTV

Here is an excerpt of my insight on BuddyTV on America's Next Top Model cycle 13 and the topic of how to LOOK taller in photos.

"This week was all about standing tall, on the runway and in front of the camera. The girls faced their runway challenge with pride, even after learning they would have to walk with giraffe models. Sundai especially surprised me with her confident take-no-sh*t expression. Overall, they succeeded: no one fell, and everyone worked it, though Ashley didn't have as much attitude as I hoped, and Erin needs a lesson walking in heels. Not all made the cut according to Miss J and the editor of Seventeen, Ann Shocket. Ann chose Brittany as having the best walk, but I didn't think her walk was all that. Was I the only one who noticed Brittany almost stepping on the tall girl she walked with down the runway?"

Read my tips on how to appear taller here and my perspective on the petite cycle of ANTM:

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Wilhelmina is looking for Hot Body Models

EXTRA, EXTRA read about all about it. Saturday September 26th, in NYC, Wilhelmina is looking for Hot Body Models. But in other cities the dates are later on. (See below) The agency does not welcome petite's and stresses this on their website bluntly, but I don't see a height requirement for this contest, and in fitness and body part modeling sometimes a shorter girl can get in the door. If you want to do it, it might be worth it. Up to you. Here is the headline:

Wilhelmina International Expands Special Event Activities in Partnership with
American Media Inc.

Here is the scoop:

DALLAS, Sept. 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Wilhelmina International, Inc. announced today that its special event activities have been extended to the category of fitness, and that the first-ever Wilhelmina Hot Body Model Search presented by Shape and Men's Fitness is off to a firm start. In partnership with American Media Inc.'s leading publications, the Wilhelmina Hot Body Model Search seeks to discover the next hot body and it could be you!

Through Wilhelmina Models and its other subsidiaries, Wilhelmina International is one of the world's leading model and talent management companies. Wilhelmina Models represents a wide range of talent including top fashion models and celebrities, as well as professional athletes, fitness models, Olympians, personal trainers, yoga instructors, and fitness enthusiasts.

The Wilhelmina Hot Body Model Search presented by Shape and Men's Fitness is Wilhelmina's first model search focused on the growth category of fitness. Model searches play an important part in Wilhelmina's special events business and its scouting activities, and also highlight the power and dynamism of the Wilhelmina brand.

Men and women ages 18 or over can enter the search in person at one of several nationwide open call events, online by visiting or by submitting an entry in the mail, subject to applicable rules. The first open casting calls are in New York City and Salt Lake City on Saturday,September 26, 2009. A complete schedule of open calls is located at

Event sponsors include Bulova, The Vitamin Shoppe, Beaches Resorts and Gold's Gym. LifeStyle Beverages' TrimWater -- an emerging four-calorie water beverage for health and weight conscious people -- will be available at selected castings for the search.


Wilhelmina Modeling Agency
300 Park Avenue South (bet. 22nd and 23rd Sts.)
New York, NY
Hours: 10AM – 3PM

Saturday, September 26th, 2009
Wilhelmina UTG
6415 S. 3000 E. Suite 210
Salt Lake City, UT
Hours: 12pm–3pm***

Saturday October 3rd, 2009
Wilhelmina S2
2029 Riverside Drive, Suite 201
Columbus, OH
Hours: 10AM-3PM

Saturday October 10th, 2009
Wilhelmina Modelogic
2501 E. Broad Street
Richmond, VA
Hours: 12PM – 3PM

Saturday, October 10th
Wilhelmina Harman Agency
101 S. 38th Street
Harrisburg, PA
Hours: 12PM -2PM***

Gold’s Gym
4817 West Park Blvd.
Plano, TX 75903
Hours: 10AM – 3PM

The Vitamin Shoppe
1101 5th Street
Miami, FL 33139
Hours: 10AM – 3PM

Self marketing is key for short models

Short models have to be even more energetic and positive about their pursuits.
It takes a lot of self-effort to get ahead. There is not short-cut and if you think self promotion on the Internet is enough you are totally mislead. A shorter girl has to focus on making the best photos possible that show off her assets. Not just her ass. The photos have to come off to look "as if" you are a model who can model products, and have a natural way of working with them. Including a smile, a product such as a handbag, or making the shots look like an ad for a lifestyle product, a hair ad, jewelry, ect. Items every day people use is best. You want to show the print agency that YOU CAN MODEL, that you have personality and use that personality within your photos. Show off that smile, show you are more than just a pretty face, body,etc, but that you know your assets, you know that beyond height you can model for product ads and editorials in magazines. It is not easy. It is extremely hard, it takes time, effort, and energy, mostly a positive attitude. Rejection is Modeling's best friend so be prepared for massive rejection, but hold on to and believe in what you DO have, focus on what you CAN offer the industry, it might not be your height for the runway, but did you know leg models are not all tall? I have leg modeled for many major brands, and I am the tiniest girl in the room.

Show you can, believe in you and they will believe it.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Isobella on ANTM cycle 13 recap #3 here

Here is an excerpt from my recap of America's Next Top Model cycle 13 last night, the runway challenge on

Instead of the "You wanna be on top" theme song, the song of the night should have been Run DMC and Aerosmith's "Walk This Way."

Never too much self analyzing.

The show starts with Bianca admitting she needs to focus on modeling her facial features and creating a more relaxed presence in her photos. Ashley mentions how nervous she is about walking because of her dancer background. I think Ashley's dancer background is actually a benefit. Haven't you seen many dancers in ads and in commercials? I have even seen a girl dancing in the air in a tampon ad, ads for music brands and clothing. Also understanding your body, knowing how it moves, what it looks like when you move, understanding balance and proportion is a good skill for models to have. I just don't see the flaw in her dancer background. I wish Tyra would show the other girls how using other skills can be applied to modeling.

Read the whole recap here:

NYC Sass N Style Launch Party: A Style Workshop for Women

Tonight check out the NYC Sass N Style Launch Party. $35 well spent!

Amy Salinger is a nationally recognized fashion expert. Tonight she will be teaching an informal fashion workshop on how to "Buy what you need and use what you have. Having worked or appeared on What Not to Wear, Oprah and The Today Show, I know fashion! Learn insider styling tips, recession- proof shopping secrets and how to dress the best for your body type.

Sip champagne and wine, leave with a take-home booklet and a goody bag with fabulous treats for your fall makeover! Please bring one item of clothing that you love or are confused by for answers from the expert!

Please RSVP here:
Space is limited.


Price: $30 Pre-Pay, $35 at the Door
Date: Thursday, September 24th
Time: 7pm-9pm *please be prompt*
Location: Kathlin Argiro's Design Studio, 265 W. 37th St. (at 8th ave.)

Check Amy's blog for more events here:

Video recap of ANTM cycle 13 episode 3

Isobella shares her petite perspective on America's Next Top Model cycle 13 recap of episode 3. Her favorite moment, "when littleDiva Davanna showed up with her catwalk!"

ANTM Models making legs look longer tips

I am shorter than ALL the girls on cycle 13 of America's Next Top Model.
Since it is hard to manage the camera yourself and hold the camera, my quick video example of showing how to make your legs longer sucked on my latest America's Next Top Model recap,-- so I wanted to share shots that show my legs looking longer to inspire you.

Here are 5 easy ways to make your legs look longer:

1. Look in the mirror before you shoot and get a handle on your body, what happens when you move your arm a certain way, turn your body a certain angle.

2. Always create space between your legs, arms, and limbs when in front of the camera. Not extreme space but you will want to create some to give your limbs length. The closer you hug your body the bigger you will look.

3. Look at magazine ads and get some inspirational images in mind before you shoot. It is good to learn from observing examples before you shoot. Reenact the pose but remember a shorter girl should be focusing on more of a commercial print vibe not so high fashion.

4. Don't try TOOOO hard, you still want to be you, feeling relaxed, not tense and uncomfortable. The goal is not to be a weird contortionist.

5. Work with a photographer that KNOWS how to shoot shorter girls. A professional will, an amateur usually won't.

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Singing with Dennis Haskins aka Mr.Belding

Do you remember Dennis Haskins as Mr. Belding Saved by the Bell- I sang with him and my friend Jac at Dimples in LA the other night. Here's a photo of it. Omg memory lane.

And to sing you have to wear a crazy outfit, do ya like the hat!?

ANTM cycle 13 models on the runway podcast tonight

On Model Talk Radio tonight, at 10:30pm EST, the chat will be about how girls of America's Next Top Model cycle 13 learn to walk with the Tall Giraffes.

For a petite perspective with Isobella Jade, Tune in here to listen live or anytime to the archive:

Also Isobella will be sharing insight on her experience attending the 61st Emmy Awards this past weekend. Petite Kristin Chenoweth won an Emmy!

Coming soon is Isobella's graphic novel Model Life: The Journey of a Pint Size Fashion Warrior and her original memoir Almost 5'4" captures her experiences as a petite model.

For more

Can a model work without experience with brands?

A guy recently asked me about eye modeling and a girl recently asked me about hand modeling. No matter what you want to model, showing in your photos that you can is best. If you want to be a hand model, get some shots of you modeling products like a... wine glass, hold a pen, wearing rings. Eye modeling for a guy: look at ads for glasses, skincare, shaving, even contact lenses even need models!

A girl commented on this blog recently asking:
I submitted for a hand modeling job today that has a experience requirement. I was instructed to submit pictures of hand modeling jobs but I dont have job paying experience, however I do have shots taken of me showing my hands, like holding a wine glass, holding a lemon and 3/4 shot of me with my hand placed on a wall with a ring. I had submitted on actorsaccess a croped picture of my hand holding a cell phone. I got a quick response which is very rare so I had submitted of what I got.
Have you submitted for work that you didn't have actual brand experience.

My reply:
You totally did the right thing. If you want to model for something the best thing to do is show you can in your photos. Even without experience you can show you can handle the job. So yes you can get modeling jobs with brands without experience and how you get that job is by creating photos that prove you can do it. Casting directors, and photographers, agencies, etc are going to review photos and think:
"who fits the idea,concept, look, that we have for this job best?"

I think the reason you got a reponse without experience is because "your photo showed the casting director, client, photographer, agent, etc" a shot that shows your hand naturally and fits the look they were going for. I stress to models to submit photos to agencies and to bring photos to castings that represent a similar vibe to what the job is looking for. If you just sent a poor taken photo of your hand you might not have heard back, but you went that extra step and submitted shots that showed you CAN hand model a product. This is what a model should do when submitting to modeling agencies as well. Submit photos that say I CAN model. (Important Side Note: When you submit electronically always Google and research the brand, casting company, etc, make sure it is legit!) Go girl! -Isobella

My ANTM cycle 13 winner predictions

I've been away for a few days from my ANTM comments, but today on AOL's you can find my winner predictions posted for cycle 13 here:

Attending the Emmys was amazing (Photo)

Attending the Emmys was amazing, worth it and I might be now addicted to award shows, I would love to now attend the VMA's or something.

When Venessa Williams, walked by me I couldn't help but stare at her body and beautiful skin and star-lite eyes. Kristin Chenoweth is a favorite. She won! She is so classy and also a follow petite and also has a memoir, and her dress was stunning on her.

It was great to see some mature aged winners at the Emmys last night! Kristin Chenoweth, one of my favorite shorties won! Her sparkle dress was so cute on her. Jessica Lange wore a beautiful green gown. I loved how the speeches gave props to writers ...and how they go where good writing is. I liked it when Cherry Jones said holding her Emmy award statue: This will be on the craft service table tomorrow!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Isobella in LA attending the 61st Emmy awards!

I will be attending the Emmys, I am looking forward to wearing my gown, and enjoying LA as well. I have never been in this town, and I will keep you posted on the hot spots we go to and the memorable things we see!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Chin up short models!

Rock on little foot, itty bitty, little thing, shorty pants, with petite pride, you keep struttin' on, work for it, make it happen, create you, aim high, be who you want to be, keep trying, keep on believin', don't give up, chin up! -isobella

Tyra doesn't give hands-on time with models?

I don't get that, Tyra has this show America's Next Top Model, but yet often the girls on the show are shocked when Tyra gives them hands-on time. Saying"Omg gosh it was so great to get hands-on attention,".... it is kind of confusing, I mean I wish this was a norm for the show? I don't get it. She is the so called "know it-all" so why can share what you know and help the girls use their assets to get ahead?

The show might have great ratings but the concept of bringing girls who know nothing of modeling, who have never been in front of the camera, and just told to wing it and then get judged on it, is ridiculously unrealistic. Like a model sweatshop or a model assembly line the results will not be as well crafted as a hand-sewn, attention given to detail frock. Most of the girls look scared as hell when she has a one-on-one with them.

Kind of defeats the purpose of the show.

Share your short modeling struggles on my radio show

The biggest struggles among shorter models is: Creating marketable photography & marketing themselves to the right agencies. Yet is possible. What struggles do have as a short model?

Coming up on my Model Talk Radio show, planning for it next week, I will be asking aspiring models to call in and share their own modeling struggles, success and what they like or don't about cycle 13 or America's Next Top Model.

If you would like to be apart of it, email me at

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BuddyTV Tyra's No Revolutionary! (Thoughts on ANTM Cycle 13 Ep.2)

My petite perspective on Buddy TV excerpt:
"The girl who stood out on the horse was Lulu, who looked graceful with her calm and coy expression--the final shot looked like a jewelry ad. Laura seemed very comfortable half naked, but the whole point of being nude on the horse to me was ridiculous. It didn't teach the girls anything about working with animals and props, and the outfits were just too slutty. I doubt any of the girls will be able to use the photos for their modeling pursuits after they get kicked off the show."

"...Shorter models are more likely to work as print models, and while it is not a daily thing, print models do sometimes end up working with animals. I am not sure that Tyra was thinking of how posing with a horse could help a print model, but the idea of working with an animal, product or even posing and modeling with another model is an element of modeling that shorter girls should know about."

More here: Petite Modeling ANTM cycle 13 comments

My commentary on America's Next Top Model cycle 13 for episode two, at is live:

I love Seabiscuit, he was an under-sized thoroughbred that became a racing sensation. Despite his size he won the Santa Anita Handicap. Seabiscuit went on to not only bring hope to the country during the Depression but proved the underdog can prevail. Tonight at the Santa Anita Race Track the itty-bitty contestants of "America's Next Top Model" cycle 13 each posed with a horse. Half naked.

Click to read the rest of my review at

Finding photographers the right way

Although the Internet might be the most obvious way to research and mingle with photographers, it is not. You will only find amatuer photographers.
Not professionals.

I was discussing how to find a professional photographer with a girl on Facebook, her message was:
How would I be able to look up photographers in my area without using the internet?

My reply:

Print modeling is very different than fashion modeling and as a print model it will be up to you to find a photographer, create a comp card and market yourself to agencies and there will be a constant growth going on of improving your photos for the years to come over and over again with a better headshot, a new comp card and portfolio photos.

You want to find a photographer who has a photography business. It will involve research. Typically, real professional photographers who know the craft are typically not promoting themselves on the web and not mingling with aspiring models. They are much too busy working on real projects, with real clients and models.

Professional have a real photography business and understand the craft of photography and photography is their career not just because they have the money to afford photography equipment (although these days photography equipment is cheaper and more and more amatuers are out there)  but because it's their sole income. A professional knows lighting and the craft of photography.

You want to work with someone who understands the modeling industry, who understands print modeing and understands the photos you need.

A photographer that shoots headshots might be a good start, examples:

But also don't expect to get what you want for free. Just like investing in any passion, it takes money to make money and working with a professional will involve paying for their photography services.

It's an investment to get what you need and you want to be careful when choosing a photographer.

Being aware of the photos you need can prevent scams and wasted time so make sure you are aware of the basic print modeling photos you need examples.

Some girls without a budge might think TFP type photoshoots will be okay but most of the time these lead you with nothing marketable to really work with agencies and get real modeling work.  Always think of your goals and be sure that the photos you are producing are fitting towards them.  If you do not have the funds for at least a professional headshot then wait and do not pursue modeling until you have funds to invest in the photos you need to make a comp card.

Mainly keep in mind that amatuer-ville is on the web. In this Internet-age you have to be more careful than ever to find a professional and only a professional. It is real work to find professional sometimes. It's however, worth it.

It is better to aim high, prepare the shots you need to best market yourself, take your time, then rush and don't get crappy photos that will not market you towards your goals.  Think about your modeling goals and make sure they are realistically ambitious and make sure your photography understands what print modeling is if you are under 5'9" or 5'10".

Doing a test shoot with a professional photographer could bring you shots that will benefit your modeling goals but be honest about them and the photos you are in need of. A photography school student might work for a headshot if you have a small budget.

The higher you aim the more you get.
I hope this helps,

Model Talk Radio with cycle 13 Seabiscuit and Models

I love Seabiscuit, and ironically this week's photo shoot on America's Next Top Model takes the girls to Santa Anita Race Track where they give Lady Godiva a run for her money. This week's guest judge is "The Hills" star and clothing designer, Lauren Conrad. I'll let you know how I thought it all went. Oh jeez, you know America's Next Top Model is not in touch with reality. Enclosed the show here:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Video Top Model cycle 13 recap episode 2 Why kick off the short model so soon

My video and thoughts on America's Next Top Model cycle 13 episode 2, and how Tyra kicked off one of the shortest girls too soon, and discusses their horse photoshoot, and also the smile with their eyes and Wilhelmina presentations. Why did they kick off one of the shorter girls so soon? Stupid on Tyra's part.

Tyra kicks off one of shortest girls tonight ANTM

So I don't know what Tyra was thinking to kick off one of the shortest girls Courtney tonight. But Courtney and her boot went. The show upsets me overall, mainly because the girls get kicked off for reasons beyond their control and most of the time they couldn't have changed anything anyways to stay in Tyra eyes. More later.

cycle 13 at the Santa Anita Race Track Seabiscuit in mind

Seabiscuit was an under-sized thoroughbred that became a racing sensation. Despite his size he won the Santa Anita Handicap, California’s most prestigious race that can define a horse’s career. Seabiscuit went on to not only bring hope to the country during the Depression but proved the underdog can prevail. Tonight at the Santa Anita Race Track the itty-bitty contestants of cycle 13 each posed with a horse...and I think they will be naked or half naked. I will be sharing my commentary on the photo challenge on my radio show after the episode:

I love Seabiscuit, Seabiscuit was an under-sized thoroughbred that became a racing sensation, I mention Seabiscuit all the time and consider myself sort of the Seabiscuit of modeling, I am wondering if Tyra will steal my Seabiscuit and model reference. Get your own Analogies!!!

A petite perspective from Isobella Jade on...

I am not only writing on my blog, and producing video commentary and speaking on my podcast radio show about the petite cycle of ANTM but you can also catch my insight at and as well weekly. Previous posts from last week:

Short girl writes from facebook about

I received this message from Facebook about Tyra's misleading insight on Wilhelmina:

"Hi Isobella, I'm a 22 year-old aspiring model only 5'2. I was watching the new cycle of ANTM (short girls) then went to because i heard Tyra say they work with all models of different shapes and sizes. But once I got to the website, it informed me the females have to be 5'8 and up. So that was out of the question. So I just decided to google petite models and the first link that came up besides was your blogspot link. So I pulled it up, listening to you podcast and found it very helpful and informative. Never heard anyone be so supportive and stand up for us little people lol. I've been modeling for the past 4 years and it hasn't been easy, especially because of my location which is Detroit. Nothing at ALL going on productive this way Everybody is fake fb models and if their not that, they are professional models but taking pics that would put playboy to shame lol. So im going to take your advice, get me some comp cards and send them to the agencies that you recomended and see where it goes. Im very serious about starting my career and im going to focus on taking pics on a more commercial/print level. Thanks a bunch again for the advice, you truely have inspired me and im looking forward to hearing more:) Take care and wish you the best!"

Lauren Conrad Style Tips For Fall 09 at Kohl's

I love blazers and so glad Lauren has created some at a perfect price point at Kohl's. Also eyeing that blue tube dress in the video. I love tube dresses (strapless dresses) and I like her laid back style. Lauren is petite, and has a confident and go-getter attitude and I wanted to share this video with my shorties featuring her line at Kohl's, enjoy! (P.s: Lauren is a fellow author and you can find her book L.A. Candy here.) With L.A in mind I am so super excited about getting there for the first time this weekend to attend the Emmys' I'll have pics up!

Lauren is also this week's guest judge on America's Next Top Model.

Hungry: A Young Model's Story of Appetite by Crystal Renn

Hungry: A Young Model's Story of Appetite, Ambition, and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves" by Crystal Renn(co-written with Marjorie Ingall) is a book you should read and I am planning to read. I might read it on the plane to the Emmys this week!

This is a great interview with Crystal on Salon and she also has appeared in Glamour, Vogue and proves you don't have to change YOU to get ahead.

A great video featuring Crystal.

A question to comes to mind right off the bat is: When you started to weigh your "normal" weight, and feel more comfortable with your 'real self' did your agency continue to work with you or did you have to start over and submit again to agencies?

In a Salon interview she mentioned that because FORD Models had many divisions she was able to carry through into other divisions such as plus size, but she still had to push for her chance, "And I was on the people around me to treat me no different than a Size 0. I was like, "Send me to those photographers! Send me, and see what happens. The worst thing they're gonna say is, 'No way.' And then, whatever, then we go to the next one. The interesting thing about Ford [modeling agency], as opposed to other agencies, is that they have many different categories of models. So when you're with an agency that's that supportive of a variety, I have to say, the judgment is way, way less. And the pressure is off. They were completely, 100 percent behind me, and because of them, I was able to do what I do. Another agency would have said, "No way.""

The article on

Shorter girls that are a size 12-14 should keep in mind, Crystal is tall.
She is 5'9" and Fashion Agencies like FORD, today tend to have plus size divisions, however they do have height requirements as well. Beware.

Print agencies are more likely to work with shorter models of all sizes. Submit to commercial print agencies and focus on beautiful facial shots, smile shots, and lifestyle personality commercial print shots for your compcard submission.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So what if I am a short model

So what if I am a shorter, height challenged, itty bitty, petite, teeny, tiny, miniature, pint-sized or a half pint, little foot, small fry, punitive, peanut, mini me, pocket-size, wee, munchin, modelette, modelita, Thumbelina, or a pipsqueak, I can still model. And so can you!

Patrick Swayze: You take the love with you

Patrick Swayze, the "z" just sounds moving.

I like it when Patrick Swayze said to Barbara Walters: “You take the love with you when you die.” Hence his role in Ghost. I loved his work.

Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing. Sam Wheat in Ghost. Long after the hype of his movies that follow the media over his death, I will be watching Dirty Dancing and I love the LOG Dance! I also plan to read his memoir that he wrote with his wife Lisa Niemi called The Time of My Life.

Tyra is NOT doing a revolutionary thing for models

Word up. Tyra is NOT doing a revolutionary thing for shorter models. Being a petite model is no new news to me. Shorter models have modeled for ads and magazines and in commercials long before her show and will long after. Maybe not on a runway but shorter models HAVE in deed been in ads and commercials modeling lifestyle products. It's nice to see her "include them" but she not starting a revolution. Fashion might always hate the short chicks, but print modeling welcomes them and if you are ambitious and know how to market yourself you can find opportunity, with or without ANTM. I will be giving commentary on the short chicks for cycle 13, will I be giving commentary on cycle 14? No. I support the short chicks. Remember not winning Tyra's crown is not the end all.

More insight on the reality for the short models here:

I wish the show would share the real work and marketing and the hands-on side of being a model. For a shorter girl especially, modeling is not a business about open call and being discovered, modeling is more about self-marketing and knowing how to market the assets you have. She misses this part of modeling.


America's Next Top Model is not in touch with reality

America's Next Top Model is not in touch with reality but tomorrow night is episode 2 of "season of the short chicks" and at 10:30pm EST I will be giving a recap of the cycle 13 contestants. Here is the scoop:

The episode is called: Fortress of Fierceness. Now what exactly is that? It sounds like wearing armor and fighting with a sword?

Anyways, I am a major Seabiscuit fan and I love Seabiscuit, I even have a quote on my email signature from the Movie:

"When the little guy doesn't know he is the little guy he can do great things"- Seabiscuit

....and ironically this week's photo shoot on America's Next Top Model takes the girls to Santa Anita Race Track where they give Lady Godiva a run for her money. This week's guest judge is "The Hills" star and clothing designer, Lauren Conrad. I'll let you know how I thought it all went. Jeez, I hope Tyra doesn't steal my quote: "When the little guy doesn't know he is the little guy he can do great things"- Seabiscuit

I will be pissed.

Tune in here or listen to the archive later my shorties,


power of your self can surprise you

"Instead of asking" What have you done for me?" Ask yourself: "what have you done for you?" The power of your self can surprise you!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Isobella Jade at Gottex Fashion Show Spring 2010

After my interview with Sirius Cosmo Radio I scooted over the Bryant Park to watch the Gottex show, I enjoyed it.

Thank you Glamour Magazine for some belly fat! Realness! at last!

Hell Yeah! I am posting it all over my blogs and pick up the September issue of Glamour when you're done. I hope more magazines flaunt models of all shapes and sizes soon! Featured in Glamour Magazine, beautiful and nude and comfortable in her skin, is plus-size model Lizzie Miller and the interview is amazing:

No airbrush needed!

I love this op article in the LA Times with plus-size model Lizzie Miller!

shoe modeling contest winner is Maria!

Petite Models are perfect to model shoes. Most shoe companies hire a size 6 shoe model, because the samples of shoes are a 6 usually and a model is needed to wear them in the showroom or in the print ads. I have modeled shoes for Marshalls, Easy Spirit, Victoria's Secret and many others. So on Facebook I recently asked "shorter models" to submit to me photos of themselves modeling their favorite pair of shoes to win a signed copy of my memoir Almost 5'4". Above is the winner Maria, because she shows the shoes with smile and personality and the shot has a commercial print vibe that looks like an ad.

Here are some other submissions that I think look very nice and would be good shots to apply when marketing themselves as a model to a print modeling agency.