Monday, August 24, 2009

The struggles of the short model no more!

The two major concerns I get from shorter girls who want to model are:

Finding a good photographer

Finding a modeling agency that will accept them.

The perception of "what you think modeling is" can actually help you find the answers.

Is it just fashion? Is it just runway modeling?

Usually I tell the girls to think of modeling as using your personality to sell a product. Using what you have to apply it to the advertising, visual marketing world.

Many, many, many more products out are out there today, than 10 years ago. Many, Many, Many more opportunities are out there as well for a girl who want to model, because modeling can mean so many more things, modeling a handbag, modeling for a travel magazines, magazine for a hair product, modeling in a commercial for dog food!

To find a photographer I suggest checking out this link to a post on my blog based on How to Find a Professional Photographer:

Skip the internet marketing and promotion and mingling, etc, the Internet is not a place to start calling yourself a model, nor is a place to find professional photographers. (In my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" I talk all about my Internet photo mistakes.i think the book will intrigue and inspire you.) It is better to strive to work with a professional photographer, aim higher to get better photos to get the photos you need to better market yourself. Save time, energy, money and skip the scams and mistakes in the process.

To work with agencies if you are short you have to keep two things in mind:
Commercial print modeling agencies accept and work with models of all types (sometimes you can also find a talent agency but focus on that commercial print modeling agency submission by postal mail of your compcard.) Focus on working with agencies that work with models of all ages, NOT just fashion agencies. Fashion agencies will slam the door in your face typically.
A commercial print agency accepts photos by postal mail only, so no open calls. You need a modeling compcard to mail them.

When it comes to creating photos:
Smiles, energy and personality. These are three things a commercial print modeling agency wants to see.
So product photos that make you appear approachable, happy, a model who has spirit and can model anything, from a cell phone to a shoe, to a computer. Observe the ads in magazines, the lifestyle ads, that show a model "doing something" "laughing" and "using a product" and create photos similar.
You also need a nice headshot, face shot, smile headshot, you can also create a close up beauty shot that looks like a skincare ad.

There is no reason to complain that you can't model anymore. There are agencies out there, it will involve work, time, more work, and more time, but if you market yourself well with the right photos to the right agencies you can find opportunities. You might not find yourself, famous, jetset or a supermodel, but you can find modeling opportunities.

Something I tell myself daily:
"Be realistic with yourself while being as ambitious as possible"


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