Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shorter girls need compcards, here's why

A girl on Facebook left me a comment on my Wall that read: I was told by a Ford photographer recently that you shouldn’t have a comp card when trying to get an agency unless your switching from one agency to another that an agency wants nothing to do with a compcard thats not theirs? I’m confused now because of how much you talk of compcards. I am only 5'5". So trying to find a good commercial print agency to submit to.

This was my reply on my Facebook Wall:
Fashion is different than commercial print. Ford is fashion. For fashion modeling (girls 5'9" 5'10") it is a totally different world. A shorter model needs a compcard, to get in with the commercial print modeling agencies. Infact mailing the compcard to commercial print agencies is "how" you get an agency to work with you. A commercial print modeling agencies does not make it for it. You, as the model, make your compcard, mail it to agencies, and if the agency likes your look they call you. Don't email the commercial print agencies. Commercial print agencies only accept photos through postal mail the majority of the time so be prepared to make a compcard. Your compcard is your model-life line.

I recently dig a segment on my radio show Model Talk called: Short Model Support: Modeling Agency 101, tune in for tips on submitting to commercial print agencies here. I think it will help:

Also here is a post on model contracts and how getting signed and working with a fashion agency is not the end all. And for a shorter girl she can still model without being signed to an agency. She can work non-exclusive with commercial print agencies.

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