Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Short models- figuring it out by yourself is tough

A girl told me about how an agency wanted her to take classes to learn how to walk, this was my reply:

It can be tough to figure it all out by yourself. And sometimes "those who act like they are helping you" are not "really" helping you. Especially if it involves paying an amateur agency to learn how to walk when you don’t even need that. Never pay an agency, and you do not need a modeling school to teach you how to walk. That is just a total waste. It does involve being honest with yourself and focusing on what you "can" do.

However, I wish these “amateur agencies that charge models and rip them off with bad information” would just be more honest with the people they meet. Instead of scamming them. Telling a girl she can walk a runway who is 5’3” is nuts! Then the girl gets confused and doesn’t know what she “can” do. It is so wrong! But it also comes down to the girl being realistic. If you are short but in your mind modeling to you is just “the runway” then you will miss out on a lot of opportunities.


Anonymous said...

Hi Isobella, I stumbled upon your blog somehow and I love it, thank you so much for doing this! I do have a question, however: what do you think of sites like One Model Place and Model Mayhem?

Unknown said...

I am not a fan. I wrote all about my mistakes on those sites on my memoir Almost 5'4" (you'll like the book) but I do not think amateur social sites for girls who want to be models is realistic. It is an amateur choice. Social sites, profile hosting sites do not get you ahead in ways that really count and help you. If a girl wants to mail she has to do the work, be professional, work with professionals only and get a comp card and mail it to agencies. I am glad you found my blog. I hope it shines light on the hustle of a shorter model. Shorter girls CAN get modeling work, with great brands and work with agencies but they have to be realistic. They can not think that comments, hits, clicks on their social site means they are a model. They have to do things in a professional way. Modeling takes more than just knowing how to upload a photo. It takes pure work and effort and persistence. Mailing those agencies and aiming as high as you can.

Here is a segment on my radio show about why a girl needs a compcard and needs to forget the internet:

I hope it helps. I only got ahead because I got off the internet promoting myself as a wanna be and got serious and got my stuff together in a professional way. It takes time. It does not happen over night to start booking good work, it is a process, and searching for the short-cut on amateur sites is not the good road.