Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reading about Beverly Johnson, Vogue September 2009

My favorite part of Vogue is not even the fashion spreads, it is the little part at the start called Nostalgia. This month features a story of a memory of Beverly Johnson. She shares the moment she got her Vogue cover and what it meant to America and models, and the whole fashion history. I love reading stories about other people's journey to success and acomplishment, but it isn't just the top of the rock success I like to hear about, I like reading the moments of self-discovery, when things started, the roots of a story (it is the reason I wrote my own memoir,) I think it is interesting, inspirational and comforting to read about a person on their way to success, and the experiences they have had.

This article about Beverly shows her beating the odds, given a chance, and speaks on possibility, although only 2 pages, make me want to read more about Beverly. I wonder if she has a book, she should have a memoir, I will Google to found out now!

I'd love to meet her one day and swap stories.

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