Monday, August 17, 2009

Older women modeling-Women 60s

Did you know modeling does not have to stop as you age?

Don't think you are too old to model or start modeling.

I think the word model gets mixed up and tends to only mean fashion or really sexy. However there is a lot more to commercial print modeling than that!

Women of all ages are modeling; it all depends on how you "perceive modeling".

If you see modeling as high fashion, wearing the latest fashions, you will miss out on a lot of modeling opportunities actually. Modeling within commercial print is an area that welcomes models of all types and the jobs might not involve Vogue, but they still involve modeling with great brands and products.

Also commercial print modeling doesn't have an age. In fact a model that is 26-40 might find them selves working more than when they were younger.

Modeling also means modeling products/ the largest percentage of models are not fashion models. They are modeling products, brands, and in editorials in magazines, and they are not a tall giraffe. But you do have to have the right photos to market yourself in the direction of commercial print modeling, you will have more opportunity there as a shorter girl, or as an older model as well.

No matter your height, age, ethnicities, if you want to model there is work out there, but you do have to chase it, and be prepared for hands on work it involves. You do have to make a compcard, mail it to agencies and be a part of the process of getting modeling work. Not just show up and say "ok make me a model" Instead you have to dive deeper into your self, who you are, what you can offer and market that to a commercial print agency within your photos. Just spend a few minutes watching commercials, or looking at lifestyle product ads in Self, Marie Claire, Glamour, Redbook, travel ads, etc, you will see not all models are fashion models. P.s: Today I saw a casting for older women for a pharmaceutical company, paying $2,000 for the role. And this article at Fashion Wire Daily called All-Ages Appeal with Isaac Mizrahi's Touch at Liz Claiborne might intrigue you as well.

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