Friday, August 14, 2009

Modelinia's High Heel Boot Camp with Maybelline

So we might be too darn short to walk the runway, but still I think this Heel Boot Camp is intriguing. With the Internet Age also I hope the video I create on modeling on Youtube, will help girls not get scammed or mislead because no matter your height there are opportunities outthere. Your own research, time, energy, and will to try and knowing how to realistically market yourself can get you ahead as a shorter girl. We might not be tall Giraffes but there is a lot of work out there if you know how to chase it. Keep in mind that you do not need a modeling school, and you do not need to sign a contract, you should not pay the agency at all before you get paid for a modeling job, and you should be prepared to create your own photos and marketing material as a shorter girl. This is a cool feature on walking in high heels whether you are a tall model, or not! I wear heels higher than 3 inches, more like wearing 4-5 inches of added height daily, so 3 inches to me is pie!

Presented by Maybelline New York
NEW YORK, Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Stiletto Capital of the World -- Have you ever wondered how models walk the runway in 5-inch Christian Louboutins? Do you have problems walking down the street in 3-inch heels? Anastassia Khozissova is your answer. Model, Ralph Lauren muse and expert in how to walk in high heels, Anastassia Khozissova is the host of High Heel Boot Camp on

This five-part video series features Anastassia Khozissova and her fleet of models in their literal sprint to Bryant Park. Follow Anastassia and her model pupils as they learn how to walk on and off the runway -- meeting the girls; perched precariously on a 3-inch wide balance beam; fighting their way through a wind tunnel; and out in the streets ... all in sexy stiletto heels!

Here are the four key tips any girl needs to walk in the highest of high

1. Hips. Place your hands at the side of your hips and move your hips side to side to bring your hips to your hands. Remember that the movement of a runway walk comes from your hips!
2. Head. Keep your head back and your chin up. Don't ever push your head forward!
3. Toes. Stretch the arch of your foot and practice walking on your toes in order to train the muscles of your feet.
4. Arms. The movement of your arms must come from your shoulders. Try relaxing your shoulder muscles and swinging your arms like a pendulum.

Tune in to learn key exercises on how to perfect your prance! The High Heel Boot Camp web-series is directed by Doug Keeveand sponsored by Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara. Watch Anastassia teach the girls, and all of us, how to avoid being fashion road kill.

Modelinia connects women to fashion, beauty and lifestyle through the eyes and experiences of the world's supermodels. Launched in February 2009, the company creates compelling content that inspires, informs and entertains. At Modelinia, supermodels reveal their secrets, ordinary and extraordinary, to help our audience gain the "style confidence" to look and feel their best. Modelinia: Because models don't get enough attention.

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