Sunday, August 30, 2009

Modeling for a short girl is...

Modeling for a short girl is...

All about marketing, hands on production of making and preparing your marketing materials, compcard, and portfolio, and being prepared of the marketing invovled with mailing your comp cards to commercial print agencies.

All about persistance, and ambition, trying once is not enough. It can take, months, years and a lot of time, effort, and more trying, to get modeling work with agencies.

Not based on just being pretty, it is based on "being what the client" is looking for.

All about using what you have and putting it to use in the advertising, editorial and commercial worlds. By understanding where you fit into this business of image and marketing what you naturally have, you can find opportunity.

Understanding that fashion is not just modeling, although it is the most talked about aspect it is actually the smallest area of the modeling business.

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