Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meeting the Modeling Agency interview tips

A girl on Facebook asked me:
2morow I have an interview with a modeling agency..what should I do if they ask me to describe myself? And what should I wearing 2morow?

Here was my reply:

Agencies want to hear that you have personality and that you are easy to work with, likable, friendly, and capable of being on time, confident, and able to get the job done. Think about situations that interest you maybe by saying something like “I enjoy learning new things, or being around creative people etc,” Whatever it might be. Also modeling involves pressure and deadlines on set, I shot a shoe campaign and we had a certain amount of hours that we had to shoot a certain amount of shoes, and even me, as the model came up with a few ideas for some shots when the crew got stuck on the next shot concept. I think being a model means being creative as well if asked on the job and having an upbeat personality, "we can do this" attitude is liked.

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